atWork Australia to deliver NDIS services in Perth

PERTH – atWork Australia is pleased to be expanding its business to deliver NDIS services in Perth, Western Australia.

atWork Australia is currently delivering supports in three categories across Perth metro: Assistance to access employment and education, Therapeutic supports (psychology) and Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities.

atWork Australia has a strong history of successfully delivering services to Australians with disability via its jobactive and Disability Employment Services (DES) contracts, and its expansion into the NDIS market compliments these services.

atWork Australia’s NDIS Manager, Gayle Murtagh, says the launch of NDIS services will open the door to people living with a permanent or significant disability, who may previously have been unable to receive support from qualified psychologists, work towards employment, or participate in community and social activities.

“The support we offer to NDIS participants and their families can be crucial to their sense of empowerment. Supporting people to achieve their work goals and overall wellbeing goes a long way towards enabling them to live the life they choose.”

atWork Australia’s flexible model of service delivery has allowed for support to continue throughout the COVID-19 social distancing and isolation protocols. Services can now be delivered via telehealth (such as telephone counselling and psychology appointments) or online via virtual conferencing tools.

The expansion into the NDIS market sees atWork Australia add to its Disability Employment Services, jobactive and ParentsNext programs, which already help thousands of Australians every year improve their health and work outcomes.

For more information on atWork Australia’s NDIS services, or to register, visit our website:

atWork Australia is part of MedHealth and the group also delivers NDIS services under the brand Ability Action Australia in NSW.