Fran is atWork Australia’s Post Placement Support Manager, and has supported job seekers once they get a job, and well into employment, for over five years.

Fran believes she has the best job of all – supporting job seekers once they start working. “There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing someone succeed and prosper in their new job. I see firsthand how life changing it is – the power of getting and keeping a job.”

“To ensure each and every job seeker that we place into work has the best chance at having a happy working life, we develop tailored plans with our clients to determine how they can tick off goals, and how they can best learn and grow within their new role. We want all our clients to remain in meaningful and lasting employment. It’s what we come to work for every day,” Fran said.

atWork Australia’s post placement support is delivered in the same way as our job seeking services – everything is tailored for you, to best suit your individual needs.

Whilst Fran gets joy in supporting all her clients to achieve lasting and rewarding work, she found it especially moving to help a young father through a tough situation.  Fran was supporting Michael*, who has diagnosed mental health conditions and is a qualified chef. “Michael is a chef, and a father of three. He’d been in and out of jobs for a few years, struggling to find the right job with the right employer. Michael’s atWork Australia Job Coach then got him a job at a local restaurant, a job he loved and thrived in,” Fran said.

“I’d continue to check in with Michael and he was really happy in his new job – he felt fulfilled and was able to provide for his young family again. He said that was all he ever wanted. Unfortunately, Michael then got sick. He continued fighting though, he didn’t want to lose his job and his means of supporting his family. His employer didn’t want to see him go either, leaving the door open whilst he got well again.”

“I kept in touch with Michael whilst he worked on his health, and I maintained communication between Michael and his employer, to keep communication open and to have a plan for Michael once he was better. No matter what got thrown at him – even illness, Michael did not give up. It was so inspiring to be a part of. It’s clients like Michael that make my job as fulfilling as it is,” Fran said.

Here at atWork Australia we’ll be there for you through your job seeking journey and beyond. We’ll celebrate with you once you get the job, and we’ll continue to support you in a way that best meets your needs once you start your job – to ensure you remain in meaningful and lasting employment.

To find out more about our post placement support services, or to register for Disability Employment Services, call us today on 1300 080 856, or register your interest online.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.