Empowering you through work and health to live the life you choosePositive Behaviour Support aims to understand why a person may display behaviour that could be considered inappropriate, challenging or unsafe. When we understand why these concerning behaviours are presenting, we can work together on strategies and solutions to make a meaningful change for the individual, their family and friends, and support network.

atWork Australia’s team of qualified and highly experienced psychologists work in partnership with each client to create a tailored program. Our aim is to improve the confidence of our clients through increased skills and emotional regulation, in order to manage and reduce behaviours of concern. Strategies may include:

  • Developing communication and social skills
  • Environmental changes (for example in the home environment)
  • Safe methods of response to unsafe behaviours
  • Stress and anger management

All strategies are approached and delivered in a respectful, positive and inclusive way for both the individual and their support network. The resulting changes in behaviour can see the participant enjoy improved relationships, increased participation in their community, and a sense of empowerment and independence over their own lives.

atWork Australia is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to deliver Positive Behaviour Support in WA. We are here to help and ready to speak with you today. Just complete the enquiry form by clicking the ‘Register for NDIS’ button below or call us on 1300 192 630.