Northern Adelaide’s disability employment experts, atWork Australia, will boost existing support for NDIS providers, local residents and employers at the upcoming Golden Grove NDIS Community Expo.

atWork Australia, part of the Work Health Group, will build on its already strong footprint in South Australia’s job market when it appears at the July 18 expo.

atWork Australia Market Engagement Consultant Rosslyn Ward said by promoting the business benefits of employing people with a disability atWork Australia will demonstrate an understanding of local employer’s needs and help to increase diversity in the workplace.

“We established our third office in Northern Adelaide in 2017 and provide employment services that help business tap into the hidden Disability Employment Services (DES) talent pool. We encourage attendees at the expo, and every South Australian, to understand how reliable, safe and affordable it is for businesses to hire people with disability and we look forward to exhibiting alongside other NDIS service providers,” Ms Ward said.

“In SA 86% of employees with a disability have an average or superior attendance when compared to other workers and 90% of employees with a disability are as productive, or more productive, than other workers,” she said. “Add to that DES wage subsidies and other DES incentives and we’re keen to exhibit and talk about our proud DES history that finds the right job for the right people and meets employer’s needs,” she said.

The NDIS expo will provide attendees with important information about the upcoming implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). atWork Australia employment consultants can support individuals and businesses to succeed in the job market as NDIS rolls out across the state from July.

Miss Ward said South Australian employers put their bottom line at risk if they cut capable jobseekers with disability out of contention for work.

“If SA adapts how they hire in the future they can ensure a diverse workforce and access to a broader talent pool,” she said.

“DES delivers capable staff who are statistically as, if not more, productive, reliable, safe and affordable as other workers,” she said.

Statistics from JobAccess, the Australian Government’s information hub for employers and people with disability state 19% of working aged people with disability, who are employed, work as professionals; 15% are admin workers; 15% are employed as technicians or trade workers and 13% run their own business.

“One in five Australians live with disability and so it’s likely most businesses already employ people with a disability and we look forward to the expo and connecting people to the jobs we know about,” she said.

Visit or or for more information on DES or click here to attend the NDIS Golden Grove Expo:–golden-grove/events/