Therapeutic Supports (Psychology)

We have been delivering professional psychology services in Western Australia for over 16 years, building resilience and improving wellbeing.

Who are the services for?

These services are for Australians with an NDIS plan who have funding for therapeutic supports. Our experienced and kind team of qualified psychologists can offer you:

  • Therapy (general psychology)
  • Counselling (general)
  • Counselling (related to employment)
  • Community Engagement Assistance

Through these services you can receive many benefits:

  • Someone to listen to your concerns and provide you with the support you need
  • Help managing intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial (mental health) disabilities
  • A sense of purpose and direction to help achieve your day-to day and longer-term goals
  • Guidance with social and community interaction, such as peer groups and networks
  • Feeling better about yourself through increased confidence, sense of calm and improved mood
  • Equipping you with the skills to make decisions and increase control in your life
  • Helping you to uncover and realise your career dreams

“Your support has been invaluable for my client.”

Support Coordinator, Autism Association of WA

Frequently asked questions

Therapeutic supports can be included under several NDIS support categories. atWork Australia delivers psychology services as Therapeutic Supports under the following categories: Assistance with Daily Life, Finding and Keeping a Job, Improved Relationships and Improved Daily Living Skills.

We have a team of 12 experienced and highly qualified psychologists who will work with NDIS clients to provide therapy, counselling and community engagement assistance. Some of the ways in which we can help are:

  • Offering rapid crisis response at short notice
  • Developing skills for managing anxiety, stress, mood disturbance
  • Assisting in developing a behavioural plan for managing behaviours of concern
  • Building coping skills and work on a behaviour activation plan for navigating the near future

Our psychologists have been delivering professional psychology services in WA for more than 16 years. We can provide therapeutic supports in a face-to-face therapy session or via telehealth.

Complete our registration form or call 1300 192 632 to chat to our helpful and friendly support team.

It is our goal to make sure all participants and their families know they are not alone. Together we can help keep people and communities connected. Our overall aim is to develop independence and improve wellbeing for our clients.


Support category nameSupport item nameSupport item numberHourly fee
Improved daily living skillsIndividual counselling15_043_0128_1_3$156.16Senior Employment Advisor
Improved daily living skillsAssessment, Recommendation, Therapy and/or training (incl. AT) - Psychology15_054_0128_1_3$234.83Senior Employment Advisor
Assistance with daily lifeAssessment, Recommendation, Therapy and/or training (incl. AT) - Psychology01_701_0128_1_3$234.83
Finding and keeping a jobEmployment related assessment and counselling10_011_0128_5_3$193.99