Building better working lives

atWork Australia is a leading employment services provider working with Australians across the nation. We empower job seekers, supporting them to build better working lives.

To do that, we work with people to identify their goals and aspirations, build skills and job-readiness and support them through interviews and into employment – as well as work with prospective employers to ensure their needs are met. In short, our approach is to support a person in the way that most helps them transform their life.

At the heart of what we do is the belief that employment transforms lives, not only the lives of individuals, also the lives of their family and friends and the communities they live in. This belief governs all that we do, and how we do it.

The right fit for employers and job seekers

The atWork Australia team works with people to find employment that is right for the individual and right for the employer. After all, the right person in the right job means lasting employment and transformed lives and businesses.

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A leading employment specialist

atWork Australia is a leading provider of employment services for the Australian Government. Part of MedHealth, we deliver services under the jobactive, Disability Employment Services, Vocational Training and Employment Centre and Career Pathway Pilot for Humanitarian Entrants programs.