Our purpose and values

Our purpose

Fulfilled lives and a strong and inclusive Australia through
health and employment.

Our mission

Optimising work and life participation for people with injury,
illness, disability and disadvantage.

Ethnic male working in a timber yard, lifting planks of wood

At the core of everything

Our people
We work together so that we can all thrive within a culture of collaboration, fun and high performance.

Our Customers
We put our customers at the heart of our work, taking pride in delivering an exceptional and seamless customer experience every time.

Quality and Innovation
We focus on consistent quality in all that we do, while having the courage to actively seek opportunities to innovate and do things better.

We are professionals who act honestly, ethically and transparently, inspiring trust through open communication.

We are here for the long-term, embracing sustainability across all aspects of our business including financial performance and service design.

Accessibility and Inclusion
We embrace diversity, respecting individual differences and harnessing the power, insights and benefits of a diverse workforce.