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Disability Employment Services:
We are at work for you

Every year, we help thousands of clients (jobseekers) who are living with disability, injury or health conditions, find meaningful work that:

  • Reflects your interests and goals
  • Matches your abilities and skills
  • Helps you get what you want out of life

When you choose atWork Australia as your Disability Employment Services (DES) provider, we start delivering the services you need straight away. We work together to meet your goals with a truly individual approach, putting your needs front and centre. We are your Job Coach, your advocate and your partner as you find the right job for you.

We’ll help you:


Set your employment goals

Finding a job

Understand the local job market

Education and training

Prepare a great CV

Ongoing support

Ace the interview

Interview prep

Secure the right job

We are where you need us

atWork Australia offers our Disability Employment Services from over 330 locations across Australia, so we’re likely to have a location close to you. You can choose to work with us from anywhere that best suits you. We make sure that signing up with us isn’t a job in itself, and we make things as easy as possible for you throughout your job search journey.

We have great flexibility in how we work together, including the ability to meet virtually, to make your job hunt as simple as possible.

The National Standards for Disability Services underpin the way we work. We hold a current Certificate of Compliance against the standards, which you can see here. We strive to continuously improve so that people living with disability are at the centre of planning and service delivery.

We promise to work with you to take into account your individual situation, listen to you, help you focus on your needs and strengths and set employment goals that are best for you.

DES is a practical, friendly and government funded service. Read about the clients who’ve joined us and successfully found work here.

 We provide a holistic service to maximise your strengths, your abilities and make a difference in your life, including:

A dedicated Job Coach
You’ll get your very own Job Coach, there for you from start to finish, providing support to gain a sustainable career

Health and wellbeing coaching
Our own program, Positivum™, proven to make a difference in people’s lives

Access to employers looking for you
From our network of employers who are ready to hire

Access to in-house allied health professionals
Focused on building abilities and matching yours to great employment opportunities, should you need them

Support once you start working
We’ll continue to support you, in a way that best meets your needs through on the job support, post-placement support or ongoing support

atWork Australia can help you shape your future with our Disability Employment Services

When you engage with atWork Australia and register to access our Disability Employment Services, we’ll equip you with the tools to unlock your full employment potential. We aim to empower you to find a job that gives you the stimulation and reward you deserve, and helps you build upon your career goals.

We’re proud to offer our clients a full-scale suite of support, ranging from practical help at the start of your employment journey through to post-appointment check-ins once you’ve started your job. Our services are tailored to you as an individual, so we partner you with a Job Coach who can support you in the way you need.

This could be through activities like running sessions to enhance your confidence, working with you to develop your CV and put your existing skills and attributes down on paper, or mind mapping potential sectors you have an interest in finding out more about.

Questions you might have

Yes. We’re proud to recognise and celebrate our nation’s cultural diversity and you’ll find our services are accessible in several languages including:

  • Arabic
  • Farsi
  • Mandarin
  • Vietnamese

You can find out more at our dedicated DES languages page.

Absolutely. The atWork Australia team understands that not all conditions we live with are visible and that’s why the support we provide is bespoke to your needs. Research suggests that the right role with the right employer can be beneficial to our mental wellbeing and your Job Coach will be able to support you in finding a role that aligns with your circumstances.

No. We don’t put a time limit on how long we can help you. We’ll take things at your pace and work with you towards a plan that we agree together that you feel comfortable with. We aim to assist individuals to find meaningful work & employment that adds value to their lives. This might happen relatively quickly, or it may take a little time. Either way, we’re with you at every step.

Definitely, Our Disability Employment Service is an added resource for you to have in your toolkit when you’re planning your future. Our Job Coaches are highly skilled and specialise in areas of employment that could help you in your search. You can let us know what areas you’d like us to help in and what areas you may prefer to focus on independently. We will be respectful of your wishes at all times.

We do and you can read all about them on our success stories page today.

Disability Employment Services also helps people living with injury or health condition (including mental health condition) find meaningful work. Learn more about how DES works.

Disability Management Service (DMS) is for people living with disability, injury or health condition who need help to find a job and occasional support in the workplace to keep a job. Employment Support Service (ESS) provides assistance to people living with permanent disability to find a job and who need regular, ongoing support in the workplace to keep a job.

An employment consultant connects you to an inclusive employer looking to hire great candidates just like you.

Wondering if you’re eligible for Disability Employment Services?

If you meet the requirements below, you may be eligible for Disability Employment Services. Please call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today to find out more. You can read more about who can access DES here.

  • I live with a disability, injury or health condition (including mental health condition). This can include a medical condition that affects the type of work you do or how long you can do it
  • I’m aged between 14 years old and the Age Pension qualifying age
  • I’m at or above the minimum working age (check the laws in your state)
  • I’m an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident, or hold a Temporary Protection Visa or a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa
  • I’m not studying full time (unless I’m an eligible school leaver)
  • I’m able to work at least eight hours per week (with support if I need it)
  • I’m not currently working at or above my assessed employment capacity

We’d love to tell you more and answer any questions you may have. Please call us on 1300 080 856 or send an email to and let’s get started today

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