Your dedicated disability Job Coach

Here at atWork Australia you’ll be partnered with a Job Coach from start to finish, there for you throughout your job seeking journey. You’ll get the support and services you deserve, every step of the way.

So how do you and your Job Coach work together?

With your Job Coach you’ll develop a plan to get the right job with the right employer. Your Job Coach will help you determine your skills, experience and interests, and what you want to achieve in work and life. They’ll also help build your confidence in yourself and your abilities, should you need it.

Your Job Coach will be there as you execute your plan – your advocate, your sounding board and your support. They’ll connect you with the community and employers, and health professionals. They can refer you to health and wellbeing coaches, job clubs, employer networking, skills training and so much more – to make your job search journey a positive and successful experience.

atWork Australia has the most dedicated and passionate Job Coaches who are ready to help you find meaningful, lasting work.

Get to know some of our disability Job Coaches

Get in touch today on 1300 080 856, or register your interest online, and let’s connect you with one of our many passionate Job Coaches who will work tirelessly to get you the right job with the right employer.