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Good news from atWork Australia.

Donna lives in the remote town of Balaklava in Mid-North South Australia.

She became a client of atWork Australia’s Workforce Australia program when the daily commute to Adelaide for work became too much.

A mother of five children, one of whom lives with a disability, Donna found working as a Support Worker in Adelaide was unsustainable due to the cost of travel and her caring responsibilities at home.

She was connected with Job Coach, Deb, who learned that Donna was passionate about helping others.

Deb learned that Donna had a good understanding of the Points Based Activation System and often said she enjoyed the flexibility it offered.

Donna’s goal was to find a role that was local with stable income and hours so she could balance working with her family commitments.

Job Coach Deb and Donna worked on looking at her transferrable skills, what her goals and interests were and the types of work she might like to do.

Donna wanted to continue to support people and had a client centric approach to work.

These transferrable skills are something atWork Australia values in the team. Along with Donna’s good understanding of the PBAS system, she was a good candidate for a Job Coach role that was available within the local Balaklava team.

She applied for the role as a Job Coach and is now an integral part of the team.

“Donna is an integral part of our Mid-North SA team, supporting her local community find suitable and sustainable employment,” said Deb.

“Working as a Job Coach has encouraged her to empower her clients to be successful in their own right.”

Donna understands the range of barriers people in her community may face and encourages them that will find work that suits their needs and goals.

Donna said her new role has had a positive effect on her daughter who lives with disability, by providing a consistent and stable lifestyle.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work in a role that I never thought possible. Where I can now support and encourage my clients to change their lives for the better,” said Donna.

“Donna has been a great support to the Balaklava caseload, and we are seeing some great results through her dedication and commitment to seeing her clients progress forward,” said Deb.

Donna hopes to continue working in Employment Services and has recently signed up to complete her Cert IV in Employment Services through atWork Australia.

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