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Registering for Disability Employment Services (DES) with us is easy. Tell us a little bit about yourself via the form below and we’ll call you soon to get started on  your journey to finding the right job for you.

To speak to someone now about Disability Employment Services and how to start your journey to meaningful employment, call us on 1300 080 856. If you’d like to read about our commitment to privacy, please read our privacy statement here.

Find out more about our Disability Employment Services here. 

Who is eligible for Disability Employment Services?
I have a diagnosed injury, illness or disability
I’m aged between 14 and the Age Pension qualifying age
I’m at or above the minimum working age (check the laws in your state)
I’m an Australia resident
I’m not studying full time (unless I’m an eligible school leaver)
I’m able to work at least eight hours per week (with support if I need it)
I’m not currently working at or above my assessed employment capacity

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