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Whether you’re a small or large employer, hiring people living with disability is good for business

We believe in building better lives for all Australians through work. We know there’s a job that’s the right fit for everyone – including people living with disability, injury or health condition.

Of all Australians, 1 in 5 live with some form of disability. A significant number of these people – about 2.1 million – are of working age, with the vast majority able and wanting to work. Studies show people living with disability are great assets to their employers, and bring benefits beyond simply filling a job.

Employees living with disability often hold tertiary or trade qualifications, and they tend to have a high degree of commitment and dedication to their role. They’re also known for being productive workers who perform equally as well as other employees.

atWork Australia can help you tap into this skilled and talented labour market, while embedding inclusion and diversity in your business. In the process, you’ll create a workplace that celebrates and values diversity.

Our services are Australian Government funded and at no cost to your business.

A whole-hearted approach to recruitment

atWork Australia is a leading specialist in disability employment, with more than 330 locations nationwide. We offer a range of free recruitment services to employers, big and small, to recruit people living with disability, injury or health condition.

First, we get to know your business, to understand the skills you need and the type of people you want to hire. We then connect you to a range of pre-screened candidates who are ready to work, so you can quickly hire the person or people you need. What’s more, we stick around, so the person finds their feet and works out well for your business.

From retail, hospitality, admin and aged care, to resources, mining and manufacturing, we are a one-stop-shop for recruitment for employers, offering multiple recruitment services free of charge to help employers of all sizes find and retain talented people living with disability, injury or health condition. Our services include:

  • Professional recruitment advice and job matching
  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Help with job design for employees with disability
  • In-Work Support for new employees to settle into their job and to become a sustainable member of your workforce
  • Ongoing support for as long as needed, benefiting employees and employers
  • Training information and awareness activities for employers and staff
  • Support for current employees experiencing difficulty fulfilling the essential requirements of their role due to their disability, injury or health condition

In the last few years, we’ve partnered with thousands of employers and placed thousands of Australians into meaningful, lasting employment. atWork Australia is an employment agency who can help you find the right person for the right job.

Partner with a recruitment service so you can focus on your business while we find you talented people.

How we support you in accessing the full talent pool

We’ll develop a tailored service delivery model for your business, to match your recruitment needs.

You’ll be introduced to a dedicated atWork Australia employment specialist, who will help you find great talent for your business. They’ll remain your main point of contact to simplify the process for your business.

We provide recruitment for employers; below is how the journey to accessing great people for your business could look.

A dedicated atWork Australia Employment Specialist will get to know your business and the vacancy you have available

We work flexibly with your recruitment process, to ensure you recruit the best candidate for your role

atWork Australia will work with you to confirm any employment details, applicable wage subsidies and onboarding paperwork that is required

Your new employee starts their new job

Your dedicated atWork Australia In-Work Support consultant will be here for the next 12 months to ensure you and your new employee are supported

Post 12 months: we are here to continue to support your business for as long as you need us

We can help you access additional support

For eligible employers, we can help you access substantial wage subsidies, where appropriate and meets eligibility, for employing people living with disability. Funded by the Australian Government, this support will assist with the financial costs for each employee you engage through us.

We also help you gain access to other supports including financial assistance to purchase work related modifications, equipment or services to meet your employee’s access needs through the Australian Government. Modifications such as assistive technology, adaptive equipment or adjustments to the physical workplace can remove barriers for people living with disability and give them the power to undertake their jobs in the best way possible.

With this support, we provide you with a recruitment service that enables you to create an accessible and inclusive workplace and give people living with disability the chance to show what they can do.

We can help your business thrive

In partnering with atWork Australia, you’ll have access to a far broader talent pool of potential job candidates, a workforce that is largely untapped in Australia. By inviting the perspectives of diverse employee groups, employers who recruit and welcome talent with disability are gaining a competitive advantage.

As well as opening your door to readily available talent, we can help your business thrive in other ways. Hiring people with disability will boost the morale and loyalty of your staff, and enhance your company’s image and brand among your internal and external stakeholders.

Bringing diversity and inclusion to your business will also help your business attract top talent, drive innovative results and outperform your competitors.

For a customised, cost-free recruitment service and access to a broader talent pool, contact our disability employment specialists today.

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