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Accessing the entire talent pool makes good business sense

It’s likely you already employ someone living with disability, with nearly 4.4 million people – one in five Australians – living with some form of disability. Up to 90 percent are invisible or hidden, so you may not be aware of the level of people living with disability in your workplace.

No two people will experience living with disability in the same way. The only thing that distinguishes them in the workplace is that they may need some form of modification or adjustment to help them do their job to the best of their ability.

People living with disability want the same opportunities as all Australians, to reach their potential through participation in the workforce. But many still experience barriers to employment, despite the fact that people living with disability have a broad range of skills and capabilities.

atWork Australia works with thousands of people every day to help overcome these barriers. We know that businesses who employ people living with disability have access to the best talent pool possible and reap the many benefits of employing a diverse workforce, to their productivity and their bottom line.

atWork Australia client Zubair with his Job Coach Abigail

“Hiring an individual with a disability, I have found is very refreshing in that we have candidates who come to us who are work-ready, they are very dedicated and they are absolutely keen to work. So there isn’t an issue with regards to reliability. So, I would recommend it to any organisation.”

Stacey, Director, Goddess Cleaning Group




What are the benefits?

People living with disability provide a high level of dedication and commitment to their role. We see this play out every day, and our success stories are proof of this strong work ethic.

atWork Australia can help all businesses; large and small, employ talented people living with disability, at no cost. We provide guidance on available financial support, including generous wage subsidies, that will dramatically reduce your hiring costs.

Our disability employment specialists can advise on diversity programs and training that create more inclusive workplaces. These programs focus on increasing awareness of behaviours that stem from unconscious assumptions about people living with disability, and centre on individuals, teams and the whole organisation.

What can I expect from partnering with atWork Australia?

There are tangible benefits for employers who partner with atWork Australia. We:

  • Offer a government-funded recruitment alternative, saving you time and money
  • Pre-screen all candidates for the right capabilities, attitude and skills for the role
  • Get to know your business to understand the skills and people you need
  • Advise on funding and assistance for training and other job-related requirements
  • Offer In-Work Support to build confidence and longevity in the role
  • Help you chart your approach to diversity and inclusion, through strategic recruitment plans
  • Help you access free workplace modifications and adjustments, where needed
  • Advise on access to wage subsidies

“The fact that he was able to come for an interview within a notice period of two hours, and be ready and committed to start the following day said to me that he was keen and eager. The fact that he had experience is obviously important as well, but to me what’s actually equally important is those other attributes, the fact that they’re going to be loyal, they’re going to come to work.”

Ilkin, Director, Works 4 You

Ongoing Support

Once we find you the right person for your vacancy, atWork Australia’s dedicated In-Work Support service is available for the next 12 months (or as long as you need) to ensure a successful and sustainable placement.

We’ll support your business in the following ways:

  • Periodically check in with your new employee to support them settle in
  • Provide on-the-job training and support to fill any skills gaps
  • Provide support for workplace modifications and adjustments
  • Deliver Disability and Diversity Awareness Training to develop positive attitudes to disability
  • Provide advice on embedding a diverse, inclusive workforce

Wage subsidies

Many of the employers who register and partner with atWork Australia receive generous wage subsidies for the candidates they employ. We can help you access these subsidies and incentives for hiring people living with disability, injury or health condition.

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