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Disability Employment Services is an Australian Government initiative to support people with disability, injury or illness to find and keep work. Job seekers are usually referred by Centrelink though you can call us directly to see if you’re eligible. Read more about the Disability Employment Services program in our Commonly Asked Questions.

atWork Australia is privileged to deliver Disability Employment Services on behalf of the Australian Government. Our 15 years’ experience means we know how to best support you to meet your employment goals.

atWork Australia service delivery model - how we go about getting the right person into the right job

Helping you to get what you want out of life

First and foremost, Disability Employment Services work best when you are front and centre.

This is how we do it. We become your very own personal employment finding team.

Once you’re registered with us, we will team you up with a dedicated Job Coach, a person who is committed to supporting you into the right job for you.

atWork Australia will listen to your needs, and then work with you to create a plan to help you meet your goals. We’ll go at your pace, connect you with any training or other resources you may need, introduce you to great employers and continue to support you in the workplace in some cases. We’ll also make sure you’re prepared for each step of your plan.

Our support is always tailored to your situation and needs. Just a few examples of ways we may support you include:

  • Connecting you with training and new qualifications
  • Job search help
  • Interview preparation
  • Specialised support for people with mental health conditions
  • Counselling
  • Support once you have the job to ensure you’re doing well
  • Letting our network of employers know about your skills and availability

Take the first step to get where you want to be.