Do you live with disability, injury or health condition and need support to write a cover letter or to respond to the selection criteria in a job ad? Want to make your job application stand out against the rest?

atWork Australia is here to help you prepare for the right job with the right employer via our Jobs Now program.

Our Jobs Now program is tailored to support Disability Employment Services (DES) clients in finding sustainable employment. Our clients benefit from attending Jobs Now sessions, providing a space for you to create a brilliant resumé, through to practicing your interviewing skills. Our clients also benefit from meeting other DES clients who are also looking for work, sharing tips and support.

In summary, Jobs Now helps DES clients as they develop skills, experience and knowledge, moving them quicker towards employment.

Let us help you find work through Disability Employment Services and experience yourself how beneficial Jobs Now is.

Jobs Now participants sessions involve:

  • Creating a brilliant resumé – tailoring of a resumé and resumé essentials for a relevant job role
  • Searching for jobs –we help you discover where to look for the right jobs for you
  • Writing cover letters – we help you master a cover letter template, including what to include and how to gather information to support job applications
  • Marketing who, Marketing You – we support you to develop skills in marketing yourself to potential employers, to differentiate you from other people looking for work
  • Be an interview STAR – we help you prepare for interviews, including coaching you through practice interviews
  • Building your network – a session to help identify leads and effective networking skills, as another way to gain employment

If you live with disability, injury or health condition you can rely on us to help you find good, lasting work. Jobs Now is just one of the many ways we can help you find the right job for you.

Call us today on 1300 080 856 or fill out an enquiry form to speak with a Disability Employment Services specialist today.