Health benefits of work

Employment is a powerful tool. It helps to improve the welfare of individuals, families and communities. Put simply, people are generally better off when they are working. They can pay their bills, support their loved ones and enjoy the sense of contribution to their community.

Meaningful, or good, work is essential to the wellbeing of nearly everyone. Work that satisfies you and fulfils a purpose also helps you to:

  • Learn new skills and gain experience
  • Connect with new people and your community
  • Have the freedom to manage your life, your way
  • Improve your financial situation

At atWork Australia, we know the value of employment to an individual’s health and wellbeing. We work hard to:

  • Promote the awareness of the health benefits of good work
  • Support and encourage those attempting to find and keep meaningful work
  • Encourage employers to support the occupational health of their workers
  • Advocate for continuous improvement in public policy around work and health

At the heart of this consensus statement regarding the health benefits of work is a shared desire to
improve the welfare of individuals, families and communities.

We are also a signatory to the Health Benefits of Good Work consensus statement. Read more about the science behind work being good for you (PDF Document).