Learn more about Workforce Australia and the Points Based Activation System

Workforce Australia is an employment service delivered by the Australian Government, Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

Workforce Australia provides enhanced services and support for people who need extra help to look for work. The program will provide job seekers with the tools they need to get a job, learn new skills or access the extra support if they need it.

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If you’re ready to start looking for work, and are with Centrelink, you may be placed into a new online Digital Service or you may be referred to an Employment Services Provider.

The online platform will allow you to:

  • Complete your own job searches and reporting requirements
  • Sign up for online programs to upskill
  • Access tools to help with online learning and job searching
  • Apply for help and support such as police checks and work-related tickets

If you find you need extra support beyond the online service, you can request to be transferred to an employment service provider such as atWork Australia.

A Points Based Activation System has also replaced the previous mutual obligations system.

The Points Based Activation System is a flexible way you can meet your obligations, including options to develop skills and take advantage of job opportunities.

You will need to get a certain number of points per reporting period (a month). Points are gained by completing job searches, attending interviews, and completing online learning modules.

It’s tailored to you, and when you first meet with your Job Coach, you will find out what your points target will be based on your personal circumstances. The maximum number of points is 100 per month however you may have a lower target based on your circumstances.

This way you can meet your obligations by not only applying for roles but by building on yourself to support you to be job ready. That’s where we can help! We have a range of supports tailored to you, all designed to help you meet your points targets and reach your work and life goals.

PBAS offers flexibility. However here are some examples which will hopefully give some assistance with how you can choose to meet your mutual obligation requirements.

It is important to note that these examples are based on a points target of 100 points per month.

Example 1 – Employment

If you are employment ready, you may complete 5 job searches (1 x Job Search = 5 points), attend 1 interview (25 points) and successfully commence employment  (50 points)– these activities combined would provide 100 points.

Example 2 – Health & Wellness

If you are focused on improving your health and wellbeing, you may choose to engage with the atWork Wellness team weekly (60 points), and undertake Positivum Health Coaching (60 points).

These activities combined would provide 120 points. Giving you the ability to bank 20 points for next month.

Example 3 – Work Preparation

If you are focused on getting work ready, you may choose to undertake our JobsNow work preparation course (15 Points), complete an Industry ticket like your White/Blue Card (20 points), and attend a First Steps to Success Jobs Fair (20 Points).  These activities combined would provide 100 points.

Example 4 –

If you are focused on studying a Certificate III Full Time to upskill yourself, you can achieve 20 PBAS per week your study.  Combining this option with a minimum Job Search Requirement of 4 Jobs per month, these activities combined would provide you with 100 Points.

With atWork Australia we have a range of activities and services to support you to reach your employment goals.

  • Health and Wellness services to help you focus on your wellbeing. With support to build your confidence, and help with concerns such as anxiety, depression, alcohol and substance abuse, grief and trauma. We also support with wellbeing and mindfulness and employability soft skill coaching. Our qualified team of Health and Wellness Professionals will empower you to prioritise your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Jobs Now is our preparation program to help you develop skills, experience and knowledge so you can move more quickly towards employment. You will meet with your peers to gain support and share tips while learning how to market yourself and practice interview skills.
  • Positivum. Developed in partnership with Monash University, Positivum is our online health and well-being training program to help address beliefs and perceptions relating to health and work. It’s a self-guided coaching program to help prepare you for work.
  • First Steps to Success to bring the services you need to you. Attending one of our community hubs can help you gain points while introducing you to the services you may need to support you on your journey to employment. This includes meeting with potential employers or the transport department to help you with your license.

These are just a few examples of the flexible ways you can earn points in addition to apply and searching for work. We will help you understand the Points Based Activation System and how it will support you to get where you want to be.

At the end of your reporting period, if you meet your points target, you can bank any additional points received for the next reporting period (up to half of your target). This gives you added flexibility and a reward for undertaking more tasks to get yourself employment ready.

Your Job Coach can speak to you about your individual circumstances. You can also find more information on compliance, and demerits and what to do if your circumstances change on the Workforce Australia website.

If you have been allocated to atWork Australia, we look forward to meeting with you at your first appointment. Here we can answer any further questions you have and guide you through every step of the process. Our goal is to connect you with the right employer, so you can thrive. Via our range of support services, tailored to you and your goals and skills, we are here for you every step of the way.

We take the time to get to know you and uncover your strengths and talents so we can connect you with the best employment, training and other options to assist with reaching your employment goals.

Our services

  • In-Work Support Team
  • Dedicated Job Coach
  • Employer Engagement Support
  • Financial help with work-related expenses
  • Regular Employment Hubs
  • Wellness Program with access to Allied Health
  • Pre-employment Training programs

Our services include a broad range of options to best support your current needs. We can also provide practical support and identify opportunities to upskill or enhance your self-belief.

We also provide financial assistance inclusive of:

  • Police history checks/Working with children
  • White or blue cards
  • Support wtih fuel vouchers, work uniforms and other PPE equipment you may need

Not allocated to us but want to be?

Find out if atWork Australia is a provider in your region, then request to be transferred to atWork Australia by calling  the National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260.

Want to know more about your obligations?

Vist the Workforce Australia website.