Optimising work and life participation for Australians

atWork Australia is a leading employment services provider working with Australians across the nation. We empower job seekers, supporting them to build better working lives.

Employment is a powerful tool in building an inclusive business and society. Put simply, people are generally better off when they are working. They can pay their bills, support their loved ones and enjoy the sense of contribution to their community.

atWork Australia lives and breathes this each day; we are in the business of building better lives for Australians through work.

Each person who walks through our doors has a unique set of abilities and experiences to offer.

Our work is focused on creating opportunities for people with disability, including mental health conditions; people who are long-term unemployed; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who are seeking employment; and people who are newly arrived in Australia as humanitarian entrants.

If you have a disability, health issues or a mental health condition, you can rely on our support how, and when, you need it most.

We are very proud to have helped nearly 7,000 Australians into work in the past year, people who may have otherwise remained excluded from employment.

To achieve success for the people we work with, we are continually striving to ensure our services are inclusive. In support of this goal, the Work Health Group (of which atWork Australia is a part) has created a Disability, Accessibility and Inclusion Plan 2017-19 (the DAIP) reflecting our commitment to a culture that values the contributions of people with diverse abilities within our business and the wider community.

Equally, we are committed to creating relationships, understanding and respect with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We have documented this commitment in our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2017-19 (PDF Document).

By ensuring equitable and inclusive access to our services and employment opportunities, we bring life to our purpose and values. Even more importantly, we get people into meaningful work.

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Innovations, small and large, lead to better working lives

Innovation is a key pillar to further our mission to optimise work and life participation for our fellow Australians. We put this into action by working with our customers and gaining a true understanding of their needs.

We talk with customers, listen to their feedback and use it to help shape our services. Many are on reference groups, advising our business.

We communicate back how we have taken their needs and ideas onboard. We pilot new products and services with them. We partner with them to create employment for Australians. Most of all, we seek to serve our customers and meet their needs.

We know that innovation can be something big or a series of small incremental improvements. We value both.

Making a big difference

atWork Australia is proud to offer a MedHealth tool called Positivum to our customers in the Disability Employment Services program. Positivum is an evidence-based assessment and health coaching program with a unique focus on assessing and addressing an individual’s values, beliefs, perceptions and mindset related to health and working. It provides a consistent way for our people to support Australians to get back to work.

By linking work to achieving life goals, Positivum has already helped over 1,000 Australians to work. It will help many more.