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Disability Jobs Canberra, ACT (DES)

We deliver Disability Employment Services across the Australian Capital Territory, including several sites in the Canberra area.

We believe there’s a job for everyone, and we can help you find meaningful and sustainable work. As a DES provider in ACT, our focus is on supporting you as you gain new skills, or make the most of the ones you have, to secure the right job for you.  We’ve worked hard to identify training and support to move talented people into workplaces.

atWork Australia has many employer partners across the ACT, who are looking to hire people within various industries. We’ve supported the ACT community into hospitality jobs, maintenance and manufacturing jobs, education and childcare jobs, healthcare jobs and many other industries.

Not everyone wants to work for a large company, so we’re adept at working with small business, matching you to great opportunities across many sectors.

Call us on 1300 080 856  or enquire online today to find out more.

Local knowledge

The best people to help you get a great job are people who know the ACT and the types of jobs available. Local people who know the employers looking for talented people like you. That’s us. We hire Job Coaches with local knowledge and connections and can assist you from any of our local offices. Our Job Coaches work hard to understand what people need to move forward, they understand the local labour market, and work hard to give people the best opportunity to find work that is both suitable and sustainable.

You can read more about our Job Coaches here.

Choosing the best DES provider in  the ACT

If you live with disability, injury, or health condition and want an employment agency to support you, we are here to assist.

Just around the corner

With more than 330 locations around Australia, atWork Australia is where you need us to be.  We look forward to welcoming you to any of our convenient locations.

We choose our locations to be close to you and the services you use every day. You’ll find us near public transport, shopping centres or other community and government services.

To choose an office near you, you can use our handy location finder, or call 1300 080 856 and our friendly team will help you locate your closest DES location.

Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today, and let us help you find the right job with the right employer

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