Access to Additional Support Services

atWork Australia is here to help people with disability, injury or health conditions in all aspects from finding a job, providing personalised support and an overall holistic approach to maximise your strengths, your abilities and make a difference in your life. It’s also essential that we provide you with accessible information to any additional support services available such as Disability Advocacy, Information in other languages and an opportunity to provide positive feedback or lodge a complaint.

What is Disability Advocacy?

atWork Australia understands the importance in providing people with disability the information to access a disability advocacy. An effective disability advocacy is acting, speaking or writing to promote, protect and defend the human rights of people with disability – to ensure that they are valued members of the community. It must be independent and not influenced by any relationships that might exist between the advocate, the agency employing the advocate, or any party involved in the issue for which advocacy is being undertaken.

If you require information on how to access a disability advocacy in your local area, please refer to the Disability Advocacy Finder website:

You can also access additional information on support advocacy for people with disabilities in connection with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) via the Advokit by DANA (Disability Advocacy Network Australia) website. Please refer to this link:

Complaints and Report Abuse

Jobaccess supports a number of ways for you to make a complaint or to report abuse or neglect of people with disability. If you want any additional information, please access the Jobaccess website via this link.

If you wish to complain about disability services that you are receiving, please contact the appropriate complaints line as listed below:

Giving Feedback

It is essential that all our clients have the ability to provide feedback at any given time. If you would like to provide any feedback on atWork Australia’s services, please fill out the Online Enquiry form or you can download and fill out this feedback form and hand it to your Job Coach at your next appointment.

Information in other languages

If you require information in other languages about disability employment, you can access this information via the Jobaccess website.

This specific page provides information in 22 other languages, providing all relevant information on Disability Employment Services. In addition, you can also obtain contact details for Translating and Interpreting Services.