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Quote reads "One of my first statements is that "we are going to work together" so right from the start they know I'm on their side." said Sandra Job Coach Western Australia

Sandra’s motto is “nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Sandra is a Job Coach for atWork Australia based in Albany, Western Australia (Noongar Nation).  She works with our Disability Employment Services clients.

Sandra started in employment services 24 years ago back in 1998. She first became interested when she was volunteering for her local PCYC to assist youth who were not engaging in school, to seek employment.

Today, her focus is still on a person’s skills and abilities while acknowledging their conditions and barriers.

Sandra has lived in Albany her entire life, so not only is she knowledgeable in employment services but she knows a lot about her local area, has great relationships with local community organisations and employers.

This allows Sandra to offer her clients a holistic approach to achieving their employment goals.

During Sandra’s 24 years in employment services, she has seen it all. She connects with her clients on a level that relates. She believes in each and every one and wants to help them reach their potential. Sandra has helped clients such as George find meaningful and sustainable employment in a role he enjoys. Read more about George here.

“I have found that most clients are initially anxious especially if they have been with a provider, they feel didn’t helped them.  One of my first statements is that “we are going to work together” so right from the start they know I’m on their side,” said Sandra.

“I take the time to listen and build a rapport so when we have to tackle the hard conversations, they know I’m coming from a caring place.  I do what I say I’ll do and treat everyone with dignity and respect, which includes being non-judgemental.”

“Building confidence is consistent throughout the job searching process and I encourage celebrating gaining employment.”

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