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Alynka is an atWork Australia Job Coach who services Mandurah and Lakelands offices.

She has successfully built strong connections with local community organisations to help address client barriers in her region.

Alynka believes that the way forward for client’s who are living with disability, injury or health condition is to connect people with counselling services to give them a good starting block for their employment journey. Those that Alynka has reached out to have included Family Services of Peel who offer counselling to families, single parents, international people and the LGBTIQ+ community.

Starting a new job can be daunting for most of us so to alleviate this pressure, Alynka has had clients do some volunteering to start off with, if this is a good step in helping them develop their confidence and employability.

Although, for many clients there is a skills shortage and this was the reason that Alynka made contact with her local TAFE, Jobs & Skill centre and other Registered Training Organisation to advocate for those who needed upskilling in order to gain employment.

With the correct qualification, a solid mental and physical health foundation, Alynka has seen her clients become work-ready and able to peruse vacancies in the local labour market. In addition, Alynka continues her support through fostering relationships with local employers.

The on-the-job support that atWork Australia offers, seamlessly transitions clients into their new role once employed but, Alynka still maintains contact throughout their tenure.

An example of Alynka’s great work was seen in her support for client, Pamela*. When she first met Pamela, it was during the first COVID lockdown. Pamela was understandably very upset at the situation, as many of us were, however Pamela was confined to couch-surfing on account of the family support that was no longer available to her. This exacerbated her mental health concerns.

Alynka said, “I assisted Pamela with community referrals, vocational planning, resume creation and interviews skills, which led to her being successful in gaining employment at the Transport and Licencing Centre in Pinjarra. This has made Pamela financially stable and she is now looking for her own place to call home.”

Alynka could sense Pamela’s determination to gain her independence, she remarked, “I feel like Pamela knew that things were going to change for her and she knew this was the best step in the right direction” Alynka added, “you could see on Pamela’s face that she was over excited with joy in gaining a stable job with a company that will support her to grow and help her overcome her barriers.”

Alynka attributes her drive to be successful in the industry to her mother who has been her mentor and someone to look up to. Alynka’s mother worked in the disability sector and she witnessed her mother change the lives of many people, which has inspired her to follow in her footsteps.

Alynka said, “I want to help and support people around me to gain meaningful work to then support themselves and their family.”

It has been said that Alynka is a true treasure to the people of Mandurah, for her honesty, relatable and nonjudgmental demeanour, the endless positivity that she exudes and the fact that she genuinely loves what she does.

When asked what appealed to her about being a Job Coach she replied, “To be that one person in someone’s life that makes a small enough difference to turn someone’s life around for the better.”

Client Pamela’s name has been changed for privacy reasons*  

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