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Kristina was made redundant from her retail job but she didn’t let the grass grow under her feet. She implored her manager at the time to connect her with an Employment Service, which they did. She was offered a job as a Receptionist with the agency, then as a Recruitment Consultant and eventually an atWork Australia Job Coach. These roles allowed Kristina to continue to help people.

One of the most memorable experiences for Kristina, as an atWork Australia Job Coach, would have been placing a client who is a double amputee into employment. He had been unemployed since 2014 and had worked with numerous Job Coaches over the years and just when he wanted to give up, Kristina met him.

Kristina said, “When I met with the client, I could see in his eyes that he was so genuine and wanted to work and just be a good role model to his kids. I phoned employers asking if they had suitable jobs. One employer invited me to do a tour of their workplace.” Once Kristina was on this tour, she met a lot of people in different departments, and one asked if the client would be able to put locks together if they offered him training. Having a good understanding of his barriers, Kristina said yes.

Kristina added, “They invited the client in for an interview and after the interview, the manager phoned me up advising that they were going to tailor a job for the client and would phone the client directly to let them know they got the job so they could surprise him.”

The client, by all accounts was over the moon because they were willing to negotiate with him and be flexible with his availability to be able to work as well as look after his children.

Kristina remarked, “I have never seen someone so happy with an outcome and them to say to me, I will be in this job forever and thank you for not giving up on me.” Kristina continued, “The client was very appreciative, they said to me now I will be able to support my children and I will be able to leave behind something for them now. The client was very grateful that they were so supportive and willing to give him a go.”

One client story that Kristina has had an affinity with was about an ex-cook for the Navy. They were unable to go back to being a cook due to an injury yet they still had a strong desire to remain in the industry, a kitchen hand in a commercial kitchen was their preference at that time. Kristina worked on his resume to ensure that it looked professional as well as listing his skills and experiences. Kristina then helped him apply for every suitable job and would notify him as soon as she had word about a new vacancy or any responses from employers.

Kristina would ensure that he was prepared for all the job interviews that he was put forward for to give him the best chance possible. Soon enough, he landed his dream job with a hospital and even said that he wanted to retire there. Kristina said, “Whenever I speak to him, he is super grateful for my help and grateful for me to check in on him. He is a super dedicated client.”

Kristina’s generosity goes beyond her clients, she makes sure that her team are doing well too. “It doesn’t matter how busy I am, I always drop everything I do to help other team members,” she said.

She also likes to connect with a diverse range of industries and employers like the labour hires, small and medium businesses. Kristina will always stay connected to them even if they don’t have any jobs available.  She will check in with them just to see how they are doing, and whether the atWork Australia team are able to support them with their recruitment needs.

Kristina said, “The best part about my job is when my clients think there is no opportunity out there for them and when you secure them a job, it changes them where they don’t have to live day by day and have a different outlook on life, and are happy.”

When asked how she feels about her role as Job Coach she said, “I love my job because it’s so rewarding to change people’s lives and I would want someone to do the same thing for me if I was in their situation. I love the challenges each individual client brings, and I always think outside the square with them to give them options of all capable things they can do.”

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