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Just over two years ago, Linda was offered the role as an atWork Australia Job Coach. She was given the responsibility of managing Nowra and Bomaderry atWork Australia offices. Having had over fourteen years of industry experience, there was an instant trust that this was a person with the right skills and drive to support our clients.

In her first six months of starting the job, Linda was awarded the atWork Australia Employer Cultural Award on account of her attitude and how she changed clients’ lives for the better.  She was regarded as the go-to staff member for any internal queries particularly for new Job Coaches. Although modest about receiving the award, she said, “I received it for making a difference to those that I meet in my work.”

Linda could see the potential of one of atWork Australia’s award-winning health support programs, Positivum. Linda wasted no time and signed up those who would benefit from the program the most. She saw immediate positive change that it made to their lives. This was particularly helpful through COVID-19 lockdowns, when, for many, job vacancies slowed to a crawl, they had an activity that would ultimately aid to their well being and employment goals.

In Linda’s caseload of around seventy clients over several years, her most memorable story was about a young ex-incarcerated client with attendance issues and substance abuse. Linda inspired him to attend appointments weekly and offered him the extra support that he needed. She again looked to Positivum as an option, which the client felt they were capable of achieving. Linda structured his engagement with Positivumby having him study and learn in a space in the atWork Australia office. Being in close quarters, he could ask Linda for guidance and support.

He soon gained sustainable employment as Wait Staff in a local Thai Restaurant and he is proud of how far he has come and thankful for the support that he has received. He was very excited for the opportunity. Regardless of the client having served fifteen years jail time, he still managed to get a job.

This is only one of many success stories for Linda. When asked how she goes about working with clients, she remarked, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference when working with someone to change their life and the lives of their family.”

Linda is proud of the connections that she has made with clients and employers and builds on these positive relationships each and every day to change people’s lives for the better.

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