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"Trust in yourself from the beginning and you can achieve your goal" Rasha, Job Coach, NSW

Rasha’s journey as a Job Coach with atWork Australia started 18 months ago. Rasha is an enthusiastic individual who loves to meet new people, go out with her friends and family, go to the gym and watch movies on Netflix. She applied for atWork Australia online, eager to support people living with a disability, injury or health condition find meaningful and sustainable employment.

A memorable client for Rasha is Jack*, whom Rasha was supporting during the lockdown. Jack did not have anyone by his side during such a difficult phase and Rasha was there for him, assisting Jack throughout his job searching journey. Rasha was very patient and understanding with Jack and ensured that Jack could confidently complete his job applications online. Rasha also advised Jack of where he could get a COVID-19 PCR test done as well as receive his vaccinations. Jack successfully secured sustainable employment; he looked forward to his first day and is very happy to have achieved his goal and start a new life.

Another positive story in Rasha’s journey as a Job Coach was one of her clients referring a few of his friends to atWork Australia. Rasha build trust and treats her clients with patience and respect. Rasha is always there to help her clients and bring their employment goals to life. She is committed to her role as a Job Coach and always happy to assist her clients find suitable employment. This includes support with writing resumes, cover letters and applying for jobs.

The nicest compliment Rasha received was when a client wanted Rasha to remain as his Job Coach. The client was moving to a different state of Australia and since Rasha had built trust and he was very happy with her service, he wanted Rasha to continue being his Job Coach. This gave Rasha a lot of happiness as the client appreciated her and wished to stay with her.

Rasha’s favorite quote is: “Trust in yourself from the beginning and you can achieve your goal.”

Rasha enjoys her role as a Job Coach at atWork Australia as she: “loves to help people find suitable employment.”

*Name changed for privacy reasons

atWork Australia offers a range of job coaching services, including job coaching for people with disabilities. Get in touch today on 1300 080 856 , or register your interest online, or visit a job centre today, and let’s connect you with one of our many passionate Job Coaches who will work tirelessly to get you the right job with the right employer.

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