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Job Coach Rebecca is from North Brisbane. She lives on a country property and has cows and donkeys as pets and loves living the rural life. Hailing from a background in childcare management, Rebecca wanted to apply some of these learnt competencies to assist people of all ages.

Rebecca’s skills and qualifications had her well placed to take on the role of Job Coach and she was thrilled to be offered the role. She said, “I am very grateful for the chance to be an atWork Australia Job Coach and absolutely love my job.”

A memorable client of Rebecca’s was Abby* who was new to atWork Australia. Abby was very nervous as she had not had much luck in securing employment from her past providers. Job Coach Rebecca set herself the task of building on Abby’s trust and worked with her to boost her confidence, which Rebecca said was, “Wonderful to observe.”

Not long after working closely with Abby, call backs from employers started coming in and, as Abby gained a few job interviews, her confidence grew with each experience. Abby was then successful in gaining employment with a job that was customised to suit her preferred hours and skillset.

Job Coach Rebecca said, “Abby was really excited, but really shocked that she was successful. She was thrilled with achieving employment, something she had started to doubt, she was clearly exhilarated on the phone and it was wonderful for me to share the moment with her.”

Abby couldn’t thank Rebecca enough and told her that Rebecca had changed her life. Rebecca’s humble response relayed the compliment back to her client. She said, “I reminded Abby of the work that she had put into this, and how proud of herself she should be.”

Another memorable client of Rebecca’s did not have somewhere to live and experienced difficulties securing employment. With Rebecca’s assistance, he was able to secure permanent accommodation and a full-time job. He was very excited and called Rebecca expressing that “she saved his life.” This is something Rebecca will always remember.

Rebecca remarked that the best part of her job has been taking on a caseload of clients and fostering great relationships with them. Rebecca said, “Everything I do in this role is really rewarding, but I enjoy quickly building rapport with every client I meet and supporting them with their journey.” Rebecca also connects with clients who have defence backgrounds.

Rebecca is also active in community engagement, she takes part in Beyond Blue fundraisers as well as The Samford Stomp, which is a walk from Anzac Square into the city to Samford to raise funds for Veterans and the RSL. She said, “I also volunteer, when I can, at my children’s school and family business, I love having the ability to give back to the community.”

Rebecca and her family also participated in a Ponytail project, raising over $2500 for cancer, and donating hair to make wigs for children and adults with cancel or alopecia.

Passions are an essential asset for Job Coaches to remain positive and energised. For Rebecca, her passions are tattoos, watching The Simpsons, AFL, collecting pop vinyls and spending time with her family. Rebecca also has a passion for movies and live music festivals.

Rebecca applied for a Job Coach position online at atWork Australia. She says: “reading what atWork Australia was about, I felt like my morals aligned.”

She said, “I like that I am able to bring compassion to the system to guide my clients towards their goals. Just knowing that I am making a difference is incredible, I love that I am helping my clients and even my team members make a difference in the lives of our clients.”

Rebecca concluded by saying, “I like that I am the human being, within the system, helping my clients to not only meet their obligations with the Department but to guide clients towards their goals. I am a huge advocate for mental health and love that I can assist clients to gain the support they need and help them improve their lives through employment.”

*Name changed for privacy reasons

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