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Kasey started working as an atWork Australia Job Coach for Murrumba Downs office at a time when the bushfires swept the nation and Australians were in need of genuine empathy and understanding.

Her drive, professional acumen in combination with her easy-going, genuine and non-judgmental attitude made her the perfect fit for the role of Job Coach.

One client Kasey met when she first started with atWork Australia was living with one of the most extreme cases of anxiety that Kasey believes she’d seen. He would apparently sit opposite Kasey and would not make eye contact but would be excessively fidgeting.  He would barely be able to speak a sentence and would seemingly leave as soon as he’d have arrived and would not want to stay in an appointment. Kasey worked hard with the client, particularly on his motivation and confidence.

After working with him for over the eight months, the client started answering his phone to Kasey more and began to increase his attendance to be present for a full hour which meant that they were able to ascertain the best possible job for him and his barriers, and had him apply for jobs with a more targeted approach.

When a warehousing role became available, the client and Kasey openly discussed its potential and, with the right encouragement and information, the client became very interested in the role. Kasey took the client through the interview process, incorporated mock-interviews and positive reinforcement and it wasn’t before too long that he got the job. By all accounts, he’s never looked back.

Kasey remarked, “He was overjoyed and could not thank me enough for helping him gain that confidence to get back to the workplace.” She continued, “I remember that day, he was so happy, his face lit up with excitement.”

But for Kasey, every story is an amazing story.  From people being out of work for extended periods of time, to gaining confidence and ultimately employment, the transformation in people makes it all worthwhile for Kasey.

Kasey has observed that many come to her with a negative outlook on life and employment, but all seem to leave atWork Australia’s support with an abundance of positivity and motivation. There is not one client who Kasey would prefer over another, she said, “They are all at the top of my list, for each person I help into employment, I know I have changed their life.”

Kasey has built trust and rapport with her clients through her human approach. She is the first to talk about music or tout the achievements of her beloved St. George Illawarra Dragons and regardless of whether people are supporters or not, one may not even follow the code, but they can at least share in Kasey’s infectious passion for life. Such interactions ameliorate any tough situations that may arise and refocus people’s clarity and belief in what they are striving to achieve.

Kasey has said, “This role is very rewarding, for you are helping people find purpose in their life again. Many come to me and say I can’t at the beginning, but they leave saying I can.

Kasey is not one to sit still on the job, she has made robust connections with employers and is forever building on her working relationships. In the time of COVID-19, she is actively reaching out to community groups to show that there is someone out there, ready to help.

As Kasey has been living with her own barriers to mental health, she is well aware of what it’s like to experience self-doubt and challenges to confidence and with this in mind, Kasey has been able to instil her life’s lessons into those around her.

With regard to her own challenges with mental health she said, “I know what it is like to have self-doubt and no confidence. To be able to put what I have learnt in my life and help others to feel as good as I do, that is what drives me.”

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