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Are you navigating Disability Employment Services for the first time? We are here to help. As a Disability Employment Services provider, atWork Australia provides individually tailored assistance aimed at supporting you to achieve your employment goals. We put you and your work goals at the centre of everything we do, to develop pathways that specifically suits your needs, to find employment that is right for you.

Step 1 – Checking your eligibility

If you are living with disability, injury or health condition and looking for a job, you could be eligible for support from atWork Australia. Whether you have been referred by Centrelink, approached us by yourself or were recommended to us by another organisation, we welcome you to get in touch with us.

If you aren’t yet receiving support from Centrelink, or haven’t yet completed an Employment Services Assessment (ESAt), we can help you check if you’re eligible for support and begin the process.

Generally, for eligible individuals, an assessment will be conducted by Services Australia as part of determining your eligibility for Disability Employment Services. This assessment is known as an Employment Services Assessment (ESAt) or Job Capacity Assessment (JCA). Based on an assessment of an individual’s level of disadvantage to finding and maintaining employment, and work capacity, a recommendation will be made to an appropriate employment service provider.

We can support you through an ESAt or JCA and are here to help you on your journey to finding meaningful employment.

Step 2 – Meeting your new Job Coach

Once you’re eligible and your assessment is completed with Centrelink, we’ll set up a suitable time for you to meet your very own Job Coach. Sometimes Centrelink will do this for you, look out for an update from them. We have over 300 locations across Australia, so we’ll meet you at a convenient location that’s close to home. We can also meet via phone or video chat, we are flexible to you and your needs.

In your first appointment, we’ll listen, talk about your current circumstance and help you identify your work and life goals. Together, we’ll create a job plan and employment pathway that specifically meets your needs, to get you where you want to be.

We are your support network and are here for you every step of the way. We will meet on a regular basis to ensure you maintain your payments, stay connected and keep working towards your employment goals.

Step 3 – Preparing for employment

This step is all about developing your skills and confidence, to help you towards gaining meaningful employment. You will complete an extensive employment preparation program, designed to support you find and keep a job. We’ll work with you on the essentials such as creating a brilliant resume and preparing for an interview. We also look at activities and training that can help you gain new skills and work-related requirements.

We can help you work through any perceived barriers to employment and help you become ready for your first day at your new job. Or, you may be completely ready to go, in which case we will help you find the right job for you, that helps you achieve what you want out of work and life.

One of the key tools we use is Positivum, an evidence-based assessment and coaching program. You will receive a tailored, interactive program that can be completed online at your own pace. This will include practical solutions and tools to help address negative beliefs and perceptions relating to health and work, to help you build your confidence and find the right job for you.

Step 4 – Securing your job

Once we find a great job opportunity that suits you and your skills, abilities and goals, we’ll set up the interview. We are with you every step of the way; we will support you in the interview process by practicing mock interviews and questions and so forth. Also, we can arrange a work trial as another way for you to showcase your skills and personality, and make sure you are a good match for the business and the business is a good match for you.

Step 5 – Starting your new job

We are here to support start your new job, should you need us. We can accompany you on your first day at work and we continue to stay in touch by providing on-the-job support, if required.

Once you’ve started, we work closely with your employer to ensure all training is covered in your new workplace, and that you are settling in well to your new role. We will also support you to access any workplace modifications or adjustments, should you require them.

Step 6 – Support once you start working

We’ll continue to support you for as long as you need us, in a way that best meets your needs. Our specialised support team will stay in touch with you and make sure everything is going well in your new workplace. We are always only a phone call away.

No matter the challenges you are working through to find work, our Disability Employment Services team are here to support you on your journey to employment. Every day we work together with you, putting your career and life goals front and centre. We are your advocate and partner in supporting you find the right job with the right employer. Each person we support has their own story of how work has benefited their life, family and community (you can read some of our success stories here), we’d love to support you on your journey too.

For further information on atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Services, call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online here.

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