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atWork Australia Job Coach Emma services the Margate office in Queensland. A proud grandmother who defies any stereotypes through her regular mountain hikes and active lifestyle, Emma is far from slowing down. Despite being new to the Disability Employment Service sector, Emma has embraced its challenges and is buoyed by the multicultural diverse landscape in which we live and work.

Emma has always had a passion for helping people and working toward getting the best out of individuals whatever their circumstances may be, and this is what drew her to apply for the role of an atWork Australia Job Coach.

Emma remarked, “I have always been interested in working in a field that helps people. When this position came up, I met with the atWork Australia Service Manager for Outer North Brisbane and knew straight away that this is the field I wanted to be in.”

Applying care, empathy and always having a client’s barriers in mind, Emma is able to push clients out of their comfort zone and into a place, they otherwise would have not thought possible.

An example of this was seen in a client who had conceded defeat in gaining employment as a result of her past. When she walked into the office, it was clear that she was keen to work, although, she possessed few tools in her wheelhouse of how to go about it. Emma signed her up and organised an ESAt assessment to determine her capacity for work.

It was established that the client had significate mental health concerns and required the appropriate professional support before and during her pursuit for employment. Emma assisted the client in gaining the appropriate ID so that she could get her Police Check and certifications to be considered for her ultimate goal of becoming an Individual Support Worker.

In time, the client gained her confidence, applied for roles with the help from her Job Coach Emma and was successfully placed in employment as an Individual Support Worker, which was her goal all along.

Through Post Placement Support contact, it is understood that the client is doing really well and loves what she’s doing. Job Coach Emma confirmed that when she was offered the role “She was super excited”. Emma continued, “seeing her happy face when she walked in to sign the placement paperwork was a great feeling. She said she is loving life again and thoroughly enjoying her work.”

With the stigma that surrounds those living with substance abuse and the resulting mental health concerns, that this client was living with, self-confidence was the first step toward bringing them to a point where they would be job ready. Interview preparation support, as well as frequent encouragement, saw them achieve what they initially thought wasn’t possible.

Emma is of the belief that not one size fits all, which is particularly pertinent when working in a position where diversity is at the apex of those who she comes into contact with daily. “I love the diversity of our clients. No two days are the same and working with clients from when they first walk through the door to getting them into a job that they enjoy, is a really great feeling”, she said.

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