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Shaun Pianta

When life suddenly changes, so do your dreams and aspirations. Shaun never imagined becoming a Paralympian or a disability advocate. Shaun shares his incredible life story; how he overcame expectations and how you can create a more meaningful life despite all life’s curveballs.

Whilst holidaying in Bali at the age of 19, Shaun contracted a rare virus and lost 90% of his vision. Unable to continue his apprenticeship as a boilermaker and life as he knew it, he was faced with the challenge of re-assessing his work and life goals.

As an avid snowboarder before losing his sight, he quickly discovered the highs of Para-alpine skiing and became a member of the Australian Para National team. The next four years of his life consisted of hours of training. He dedicated this chapter of his life to the sport. As a result of his hard work, dedication, and perseverance, he represented Australia at the 2018 Winter Paralympics in South Korea, competing in the men’s slalom and giant slalom visually impaired division.

Post-games, Shaun speaks about living with disability and the barriers that are still at hand despite the advances in society and technology. He advocates change, drives strategic community engagements, and educates society, making an everlasting difference within the Australian community.

Shaun is a passionate and motivational speaker who talks openly about his challenges, encouraging social change for all. He tells his inspirational story with sentiment, bringing the audience to be driven to change and embrace a diverse and inclusive culture. He cultivates respect and recognition from all who listen, with endorsements to contest.

In 2022 he has tackled his biggest challenge yet, fatherhood; welcoming his daughter into the world. This has further ignited his passion to create a world that actively supports and encourages diversity and inclusivity. Shaun wants her to know that anything is possible, with great determination and courage.

Need a motivational speaker for an upcoming event? Shaun can be a guest speaker at events, both online and face to face with themes including:

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Diversity & inclusion

Encouraging diverse & inclusive workplaces

Overcoming adversity

Employment & recruitment

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