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Enhancing lives through employment

We’re committed to connecting businesses with a diverse talent pool by matching the skills and qualifications of people living with disability, injury or other health condition, to employers around Australia. In the last few years, our specialist employment advisers have worked with more than 10,000 businesses to enhance their recruitment processes, build on their existing workforce and fill their vacancies with over 23,000 talented candidates.

Working with a reputable DES provider like atWork Australia can help your organisation tap into this skilled labour market, while embedding inclusion and diversity in your business. In the process, you’ll create a workplace that values differences.

Read about our employer success stories and hear more from employers who have benefited from atWork Australia’s DES.

Partner with us to become an inclusive employer

We partner with organisations to ensure their recruitment and staffing policies reflect a comprehensive approach to attracting talent to their workforce. We can help you chart your approach to diversity and inclusion through strategic plans. We can also advise on training to increase your awareness of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our services draw on a range of strategies focusing on areas such as workforce planning, recruitment of people living with disability, education about workplace inclusiveness and accessibility, equality and diversity in the workplace as well as information on possible financial assistance available to support the recruitment of people living with disability.

How a disability inclusion plan can benefit you

A disability inclusion plan is a blueprint that helps your organisation set objectives, actions and timeframes for moving towards a diverse and inclusive work environment.

We can help you chart your approach to diversity and inclusion by working closely with you on your inclusion plan. For instance, small changes to your recruitment policy will demonstrate your commitment to equality in the workplace and give a person a more equal chance at being recruited and promoted.

Your inclusion plan will support people living with disability who want the same opportunities as all Australians to reach their potential through participation in work. By creating an accessible and inclusive workplace, you’ll also be giving people living with disability the chance to show what they can do.

Local support for your organisation

Each state government offers strategic guidance in response to the Disability Inclusion Act 2014, based on data and demographics applicable to that specific area.

Here at atWork Australia we will help you navigate the available resources and provide localised support based on your area of operation, to help you reach your diversity targets by recruiting and employing people living with disability.

Further information and next steps

To discuss your organisation’s needs and find out more about how atWork Australia can help your business in your diversity and inclusion planning, please complete our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 080 856 to speak to one of our employment specialists today.

atWork Australia can also help you to incorporate diversity and inclusion strategies when tendering for work.

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