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Having a disability doesn’t have to be a barrier to finding good work, atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Services are here to help find work that suits you and transforms your life.

Working has a deeper effect on people than just to make ends meet. Working, in general, is good for health and wellbeing. Work contributes to happiness, confidence, self-esteem and can provide a financial reward.

“The message is clear: work is generally good for people, and work absence is not.” – Debra Dunstan


There are many reasons why work can improve the quality of life, here are 5 of them.

1. Build connections with new people and your community

The opportunity to work can lead to many benefits, with one large benefit being increased engagement. Working can not only help you find friends, but it can also be a key opportunity to build contacts, network with like-minded individuals and enable a space for positive interactions with society. Many people say their best friends were found at work!


2. Improve skills and build experience

No matter what your job is, you will be able to develop new skills and learn new things. If your current job isn’t your dream career, that’s okay. Building experience is an important part of work and an important stage of building your career. You will never regret learning a new skill.


3. Improved freedom through finances

The best day is payday! Working can not only bring a sense of purpose, but it can also bring a sense of pride that you are doing work and being paid for it. Having money can open up new experiences and bring freedom, you can pay bills, buy things you want, have a place to live and make your own decisions. Getting paid for doing a task and receiving money for your skills is a great feeling.


4. Better physical health 

Going to work is a great way to get out of the house! Working can mean many different things for different roles, but almost all jobs have some sort of physical aspect. The more opportunity to move, the better, both for our physical and mental health.


5. Having a job can bring purpose and in turn, improve your mental health

Humans are made for connection and desire having a purpose, work can bring both of these things. Work can lead to improved self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem, all of these benefits can lead to improved mental health. Feeling productive and ticking off tasks at work makes people feel good, the purpose you can feel at work (even if a job isn’t your dream career!) helps with a sense of pride.


At atWork Australia, we know the value of employment to an individual’s health and wellbeing. We work hard to:

  • Promote the awareness of the health benefits of good work
  • Support and encourage people with disability, anxiety, depression, injury or illness to find and keep meaningful work
  • Encourage employers to support the occupational health of their workers
  • Improve the participation rate of people with disability in the workforce

atWork Australia are also a signatory to the Health Benefits of Good Work consensus statement. Read more about the science behind work being good for you (PDF Document). At the heart of this consensus statement regarding the health benefits of work is a shared desire to improve the welfare of individuals, families and communities.


If you or someone you know is living with a disability and looking for work, we can help! Contact us today to start your journey into meaningful employment. You can also call us on 1300 080 856.

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