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It is completely understandable that some people may feel nervous or uncomfortable when engaging with an employment services provider for the first time; many people may not know what to expect. Your employment services provider is there to offer support and guidance to help you prepare to return to the workforce. Employment services providers support people who might be dealing with some difficult challenges in life or trying to overcome various health conditions. However, it is important to remember that employment services providers are here to help and want to see people be successful on their employment journey. atWork Australia is one of the largest employment services providers in Australia, offering a range of tailored services designed to support people on their employment journey. You can see the services atWork Australia offer here.


What is an employment services provider?


Employment services providers are privately operated companies who are contracted to the Federal Government to deliver a range of employment services, including Workforce Australia, Disability Employment Services and ParentsNext. Each service is tailored to a specific cohort to support them to develop their employability and be successful on their employment journey.


What can I expect from an employment services provider?


Your employment services provider can connect you with extra support to secure employment and with employers who need eager and job-ready employees.

Your employment services provider will do this by providing a holistic service to maximise your strengths, your abilities and make a difference in your life.

An employment services provider is your very own personal job-finding team, putting your needs front and centre. They will listen, talk about your needs, and help you identify your work and life goals; taking a whole-hearted approach to helping you find meaningful and sustainable employment.

With your employment services providers support, you will create a plan to get you where you want to be. So, whether you’re ready to launch into a new workplace or you need to build skills to be job ready, together you will tailor your plan to suit your goals.

On atWork Australia’s website, there are some powerful videos sharing the stories of how atWork Australia supported their clients to find life-changing employment. You can view the video’s here.


What are the benefits of working with an employment services provider?


Employment services providers can help you improve your chances of getting hired by providing you with job search assistance, resume writing, and interview preparation. They can also provide you with support and encouragement throughout your job searching journey. If you register with an employment services provider, such as atWork Australia, you will get your very own Job Coach who will provide support to gain a sustainable career. They’re here to help you find and sustain meaningful work that helps you get what you want out of life. atWork Australia have a dedicated team of Employer Engagement Consultants who develop strong relationships with local employers to secure suitable employment opportunities for people who live with disability, injury, illness, or disadvantage. Additionally, when a person starts work, they are then supported by an In-Work Support Coach. An In-Work Support Coach is there to ensure a client has a smooth transition into the workplace and supports them to thrive and grow in their new workplace.


So how do you and your Job Coach work together?


With your Job Coach, you will develop a plan to get the right job with the right employer. Your Job Coach will help you determine your skills, experience and interests, as well as what you want to achieve in work and life. They will help build your confidence in yourself and your abilities, should you need it.

Your Job Coach will be there as you execute your plan – your advocate, your sounding board, and your support. They will connect you with community organisations, employers and health professionals. They can refer you to health and wellbeing coaches, job clubs, employer networking, skills training and so much more – to make your job search journey a positive and successful experience. You can get to know some of atWork Australia’s Job Coaches here.


How do I find a good employment services provider?


When looking for an employment services provider, it is important to find one that is reputable and has a good track record of helping people find meaningful work. You should also ask about the services that the provider offers and how they can help you reach your employment goals. So, with so many employment services providers out there, how do you choose the right provider? Here are five things to keep in mind when choosing your employment services provider:


  1. Make sure you are listened to


This is the most important thing to look for – you need an employment services provider who will listen to you. Without this, your experience will not be right for your needs.

A good employment services provider will put you at the heart of what they do; listening to you to understand your unique situation.

Once they have listened, only then should your provider work with you on a Job Plan; taking into account your goals, family requirements, skills and capacity to work, and matching their services to your goals and needs.


  1. Your own Job Coach


A great employment services provider will appoint a dedicated Job Coach to work with you.

You can think of this person like a sporting coach or personal trainer, only they will coach you to meet your employment goals. Your coach should listen to your needs and then work with you to create a plan to help you meet your goals. They will go at your pace, connect you with any training or other resources you may need, introduce you to great employers, and continue to support you in the workplace if you require it. It’s your Job Coach who should make sure you’re prepared for each step of your plan.


  1. Communicate, when, where and how you need them


Your job search should be as easy and simple as possible, with flexible options available to you. Life is pretty complicated without your job search becoming unnecessarily bogged down in paperwork or communication challenges.

Look for an employment services provider who supports you to meet Australian Government requirements, while offering you options to meet those obligations in a way that best suits your lifestyle (face-to-face, phone, Skype, FaceTime are just some options). They should also be able to work with you in a culturally appropriate way, with an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and an ability to support people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

What’s more, your provider’s location should be accessible and close to other services you use and need, public transport or your home.


  1. Belief


Your employment services provider should bring a lot of belief in their job, as well as a belief in you and your potential. Additionally, they can provide access to tools and resources that can support you to build great attitude and self-belief.

Even if you are already very confident in yourself and your abilities, with the right tools your provider can help you build this even more. If you sometimes doubt yourself, then finding an employment services provider who believes in you and can work with you to build your own belief, is even more important.


  1. Connections: To great jobs, community services and support


Once you and your Job Coach have a plan, you need a provider who can connect you to employers who are ready to hire; as well as provide any help you may need to connect with Government and community support. It’s a great idea to ask providers about how they match people to the services and support they need.


How can I get the most out of working with an employment services provider?


Be prepared to work hard and put in the effort. Be honest and upfront with your employment services provider about your skills, experience, and goals. Be willing to take feedback and make changes to your job search plan. Most importantly be prepared to try new things, have an open mind and make the most of the wide variety of support that is on offer. atWork Australia aims to tailor their services to meet the client’s individual needs. You can read more about atWork Australia’s additional supports here.




The most important message to take away is that your employment services provider is here to help; they will support you to achieve both your employment and life goals. To assist you on your employment journey, we’ve compiled an employment services FAQ, addressing common queries about our services and support. If you need support to find meaningful and sustainable employment, get in touch with atWork Australia today.

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