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Ananya experienced a mental health condition and faced challenges entering the workforce. She decided that it was time for her to take her career to a new direction and start employment in an area where she could gain job satisfaction and do something she is passionate about. Ananya had a conversation with someone about Disability Employment Services and made a life changing decision.

Ananya says: “Being a Software engineer and having served the corporate for more than 18 years, it was not an easy task to decide on changing to an unknown industry.”

When Ananya started her journey with atWork Australia she loved her profession and the environment. She met some great colleagues who were cooperative and encouraging. Clients became a part of Ananya’s life as her dedication and passion led to spreading positivity in the lives of her clients. Ananya says: “My passion and positive vibe touched my clients’ hearts.”

Ananya’s clients conveyed that they are appreciative of how she gives them so much time and understands them. Ananya understands her clients’ goals and barriers in order to assist them overcome these barriers and achieve their goals. One of Ananya’s clients is autistic and Ananya spent many hours with him and worked with him on his self-belief. This led him to gaining confidence in communicating with employers and ultimately gaining employment.

Ananya says: “Another client of mine who was unemployed for 10 years and was living with various health conditions, went back to work with such excitement that I felt even happier than him.” She discussed different options with him so he can secure sustainable employment and he is willing to give it a try.

Ananya adds: “These six months with atWork Australia have given me unforgettable experiences which I can keep talking about, but I would like to finish with a Google review from one of my clients. This gave me more focus to work with my clients being in their shoes.”

A Google review from one of Ananya’s clients: “I see Ananya, she is the best and the most understanding, patient and kind-hearted person. She has been very helpful and pleasant to deal with. She goes beyond for people and will do anything to help others. Amazing team hands down.

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