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Job Search Burnout: What it Is & How to Combat It

What is Job Search Burnout?

Searching for the perfect, sustainable job is difficult, it is tiring and all consuming. You can spend hours upon hours searching job platforms, researching, applying and perfecting your resume and CV to impress. You anxiously wait to hear back from the employers, as you are eager to learn of the outcome of your application. You can do all this over and over, days and weeks on end with no response. Your stress heightens and as does your doubt.  Does this sound familiar?

This feeling is what is commonly referred to as Job search burnout or job search fatigue. It is common amongst people tired of applying for jobs. Research suggests that 55% of job hunters are completely burnt out from undergoing a lengthy, drawn-out application process. This research underlines how essential it is to have the right support and the right people in your corner to ensure that any potential job search burnout is reduced, and your employment goals are achieved. Here at atWork Australia, we are the professionals at finding tailored sustainable jobs for our clients. We believe that work is for everyone, and that the perfect position exists for them. It is just a matter of receiving the right support, at the right time.

Throughout this article, we share our professional insight on all things job search burnout. We will discuss what the signs are, the common causes, our top strategies to prevent job search burnout as well as highlighting some of our client success stories off the back of experiencing job search burnout.


What are the Signs of Job Search Burnout?

Now we know what job search burnout is, and how it is very normal amongst job hunters, you may be asking what are the first signs of job search burnout? Looking from the inside out, it might be very obvious to some, yet for others it is harder to find, and acknowledge.

Job search burnout can appear in various ways however mental exhaustion and decreasing motivation are the key signs for most. Are you starting to feel discouraged? Are you putting less effort into applications? Are you avoiding heading to the job search platforms? Are you tired of applying for jobs? Are you starting to feel discouraged about job searching? Although less common than mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion is another key factor of job search burnout. Our bodies hold a lot of our stressors, and this is prevalent in the job searching process. Are you feeling physically tired to search for positions after a long day at your current work? Are you beginning to feel tight and strained whilst searching? Are you struggling to sleep at night?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, it is likely that you are currently experiencing job search burnout/fatigue.

Recognising these signs are crucial on your journey to securing sustainable work that you enjoy. It allows you to take proactive steps towards mitigating any burnout and fatigue. By identifying and addressing symptoms early, job hunters can preserve their mental and physical health thereby improving the overall effectiveness and increasing their chances of landing a suitable job.


Common Causes of Job Search Burnout

Job search burnout often stems from a variety of common causes, each contributing to the overall sense of exhaustion and frustration that job hunters face. Commonly the primary cause of job search burnout is the repetitiveness of the job application process. The repetitive nature of constantly tailoring resumes, writing cover letters and completing similar online applications can become dull as well as mentally and physically draining. In addition to the repetitiveness the uncertainty that is present during this time leads to significant stress.

The prolonged waiting periods after submitting applications or attending interviews, coupled with frequent rejections or lack of responses can severely impact one’s morale and confidence. Society’s pressure to secure employment quickly especially for those facing financial instability or career transitions adds another layer of complexity only amplifying stress. Outside of the financial pressures associated with the job seeking process, the perceived need to impress our friends and family one of the main contributors to job search burnout. Financial pressures are very common even when you currently have a position at the workplace that you attend.

Lastly, technological factors and navigation of online job portals and platforms adds to the isolation of the process.  Commonly online job applications have little to no human interaction, connection, and feedback,. This only exaggerates the need to have professional support on your journey.

Understanding these common causes can help job hunters develop strategies to manage and build upon their confidence to achieve their goals.


Strategies to Combat Job Search Burnout

Effectively combatting job search burnout and fatigue requires a multifaceted approach that addresses both mental and physical wellbeing. Depending on the level of burnout, the strategy towards the reduction of the burnout is different, the combination of different strategies is dependent upon the person. All our top tips are below.

  • SMART Goals: Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals can help breakdown the overwhelming task of finding a job into smaller more achievable steps. This can involve limiting the number of applications sent out per day or designating specific times for job search activities. This in turn prevents the process from feeling like it is consuming all your time.
  • Regular Breaks: Taking regular breaks is crucial. Stepping away from the computer and engaging in activities like exercise, hobbies or socialising with your loved ones can refresh the mind and reduce stress. Incorporating this into your daily routine provides optimal balance between job searching and the activities you enjoy.
  • Positive Mindset: This may come as a given however ensuring that you attain a positive mindset throughout the journey is essential. This can be fostered through activities that build confidence and resilience such as learning new skills or volunteering until you find the role you are looking for. These not only enhance your resume but also provide a sense of accomplishment.
  • Support: Ensuring you have the right support and team in your corner is essential to minimising the risk of job search burnout or fatigue. Seeking professional support from an employment services provider not only provides professional support and guidance on your career path, it also allows you to connect with a trained individual that you can come to rely on throughout the process. Employment services providers are here to help. We want to see people be successful on their employment journey.


Job Search Success Stories

Employment services providers, like atWork Australia are here to help you on your journey to employment, despite all the hurdles along the way. Your employment services provider will do this by providing a holistic service to maximise your strengths, your abilities and make a positive difference in your life.

An employment services provider is your very own personal job-finding team, putting your needs front and centre. They will listen, talk about your needs, and help you identify your work and life goals; taking a holistic approach to helping you find meaningful and sustainable employment. Looking for more information on what employment service providers do, you can read more information here.

atWork Australia are professionals at what we do – tailoring our services to meet the needs of all our clients. We work with a range of client cohorts including; people living with a disability as well as long term unemployed.  We support single parents on their job search as well as over 50’s who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer a multitude of workplaces. We recognise that everyone brings unique skills and perspectives to their workplace.

We assist people experiencing job search burnout around the country each and every day. Through the videos on the atWork Australia website, you can see a range of moving and powerful videos where individual share their stories of how we supported them as clients to find life-changing employment. You can view these videos here.

Wanting to read more inspiring client success stories? you can view them here.


Key Takeaways & How To Receive Support

Recognising and addressing job search burnout or job search fatigue is essential for maintaining your wellbeing and improving your chances of employment success. By setting realistic goals, taking breaks and seeking support from professionals, you can navigate the job market more effectively.

Support from employment services providers, their knowledge, skills and resources should not be forgotten when navigating hurdles within the employment journey. atWork Australia offers comprehensive support to those seeking work, helping you overcome challenges and finding the right job fit. Get in touch with atWork Australia today to kick start your journey to a dream career.

Remember, taking care of yourself is a crucial step towards achieving your career goals.

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