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We partner with small and large businesses, owners, managers and HR professionals, across industries as diverse as retail to healthcare to hospitality to aged care, resources and mining and manufacturing. Our goal is to support employers access the full talent pool, and embrace an inclusive recruitment strategy. 

Employer’s Frequently Asked Questions Answered.

What do you mean by Disability Employment Services?

Disability Employment Services (DES) is an Australian Government initiative to support people with disability, injury or illness to find and keep work.

These services are offered by organisations such as atWork Australia, who are experienced in supporting people with disability to find work, and employers to be inclusive, accessible workplaces for people with disability.

You can also visit JobAccess to learn more about disability employment. JobAccess is a comprehensive, easy to use website and a telephone information service that provides advice on disability employment-related matters. It offers help and workplace solutions for people with disability and their employers.

How will hiring an atWork Australia DES client be beneficial for our company?

Not only does employing people with disability build diversity in the workplace, inclusive recruitment strengthens relationships with customers, and boosts staff morale and loyalty.

It’s likely you already employ people with disability. After all, one in five Australians live with visible or invisible disability.

Did you know?

  • 86% of employees with disability have average or superior attendance than other workers (JobAccess)
  • 98% of employees with disability have average or superior safety worker than other workers (JobAccess)
  • 90% of employees with disability are as productive or more productive than other workers (JobAccess)
  • Employees with disability are affordable. Recruitment costs are lower, insurance cover and compensation costs are lower, and businesses have access to a range of subsidies and incentives.

What support is available for an atWork Australia DES client once they start working with my company?

We have a unique Post Placement Support program which helps ensure our placements are productive and sustainable. We stick around to ensure the person works out well for your business, whereby you will have one point of contact for any queries or questions. We support each and every one of our placements to thrive in their role, and we are there as little or as much as you need us.

Why should we work with atWork Australia for recruitment?

Some of the benefits of working with atWork Australia include:

  • We offer a specialised recruitment alternative, saving you time and money
  • We pre-screen all candidates to ensure they have the right attitude, skills and ability, so you only meet candidates who match the roles you are recruiting for
  • We take the time to learn and truly understand the needs of your business and the importance of productivity
  • We can provide funding and assistance for training and other job-related requirements
  • We can arrange work trials (with insurance coverage) to ensure the job seeker is a great match for your business
  • We support you to access wage subsidies for new staff
  • We have a unique Post Placement Support program which helps ensure our placements are productive and sustainable

What if we need to make some adjustments to our office or factory for our new employee?

We can assist you to access workplace modifications to ensure your new employee is able to work to their best ability.

We will assist you to access innovative workplace modifications to help your new team member get to work and perform at their best.

If your new employee works at least eight hours a week, we can help with modifications at no cost to your company. This can involve:

  • minor changes to your office
  • new tools or equipment
  • introducing new technology and communication devices
  • adapting work vehicles
  • team awareness training on disability and mental health

If there is a cost involved, we can help you utilise the Employment Assistance Fund. Reimbursement is available for approved reasonable adjustments, which include Auslan interpreters, captioning, software, hardware and some building modifications.

How much will this cost for our company?

Our services are Australian Government funded and cost-free for you.

atWork Australia will give you access to the full talent pool, all at no cost to your business. Our services include professional recruitment, post-placement support, advice on diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, accessing financial support for your business and more.

When you choose to employ talented DES clients through these programs, your business may be eligible for wage subsidies and other supports.

Where can I access your services?

We are based in over 300 locations nationwide across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. To see your nearest office head to, call us on 1300 080 856 or email us

More questions?

Please call us on 1300 080 856, email or click here for more information. We look forward to supporting you to access the full talent pool. 

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