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Congratulations. WA Employer Awards

On Thursday 14th March, atWork Australia held their 2024 Western Australia Employer Awards at the Long Neck Brewery in East Perth. The event brought together a range of diverse and like-minded employers across multiple industries to recognise and celebrate their contributions in creating a more inclusive workforce. atWork Australia Employer Engagement General Manager, Alex Zaikis, said, “It’s a terrific opportunity to stop, reflect and celebrate our wonderful outcomes achieved through connection and collaboration with our employer partners.”

The event was a great opportunity to celebrate all the employers in attendance. There were however a few businesses who had the spotlight shining on them a little brighter after being crowned winners of their respective categories.

There were five awards in total. The first, Excellence in Creating Indigenous Employment Opportunities. This award honors an employer who has demonstrated exceptional effort, achievement, innovation and progress in creating opportunities for Indigenous Australians. The very deserving winner of this award was Boodjah Contracting. Boodjah Contracting have impacted the lives of many atWork Australia clients providing a variety of opportunities in various roles within the construction industry.

Congratulations to Southwest Pacific and Compass Group who were finalists in the category.

The award ceremony continued with the crowning of the Excellence in Creating Diverse Opportunities Award. This award honours an employer that is striving for a workforce that is reflective of the community we serve, that embraces the individual skills, perspectives, and experiences that all employees bring to the workplace. The winner was Wiseway Logistics. Wiseway Logistics are committed to building a diverse workforce and have provided opportunities to numerous atWork Australia clients who have previously been disadvantaged  in employment. The unofficial team mantra at Wiseway Logistics is “If they want a job, we will give them a job!”

Congratulations to Australian College of Management and Class Professionals who were finalists in the category.

Next on the agenda was the Regional Employer Award. This award recognises a business who operates outside of metropolitan areas, providing opportunities to enable atWork Australia clients to thrive and sustain a career pathway. The winner was Maarli Biddi Traffic Services. They have been an exceptional employer to work with and continue to provide ongoing support for atWork Australia clients, before and during employment.

Congratulations to Carrington’s Traffic Services and Narrogin Cottage Homes who were finalists in the category.

The event provided an opportunity to celebrate atWork Australia’s new employer partnerships.  TheEmerging Employer Award honours a first year Employer Partnership that has successfully assisted atWork Australia clients living with a barrier into long term employment. The winner was TSA. atWork Australia and TSA have only recently established their relationship. It is however proving to be one of the most valued relationships in Western Australia. Due to the success of the partnership in Western Australia, it has allowed the relationship to spread nationally, creating more employment opportunities for Australians living with disability, injury, illness or disadvantage.

Congratulations to Water Corporation, Ligna Construction and SILK who were finalists in the category.

To finish off the awards ceremony, the Champion employer was crowned! The Champion Employer Award recognises an employer who demonstrates excellence and high achievement in providing employment opportunities to Australians living with a disability, injury, health condition or disadvantage.  The winner of atWork Australia’s 2024 Champion Employer Award was Compass Group. Compass Group have been proactive in facilitating recruitment drives, hosting information sessions at atWork Australia offices and interviewing candidates on the spot. They are a very deserving winner of this award and their contribution and dedication to creating an inclusive workforce has positively impacted the lives of many atWork Australia clients.

Congratulations to Class Professionals and TSA Group who were finalists in the category.

Although only a handful of employers can walk away as winners, all of atWork Australia’s employer partners throughout the State should be recognised and celebrated for their commitment to creating a more inclusive workplace, providing opportunities to those people who might otherwise be looked over due to their barrier to employment. The opportunities that are provided by atWork Australia’s employer partners are more than just a job, it’s a life changing opportunity, and a step closer to creating a more inclusive community and country. Where we all have an equal opportunity to participate and contribute to the workplace. Alex went on to conclude with” Without the support and commitment of our employer partners, we would not be able to achieve the amazing, lifechanging outcomes that we do on a daily basis.”

Special thanks to Ready Chef Go and Hilton who supplied our lucky door prizes. Ready Chef Go and Hilton have been working in close partnership with us to build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists for 2024!

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