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Garry is a trade qualified and accomplished painter who spent his years working in and around the Morton Bay region in Queensland. However, due to acute health concerns, he had no option but to discontinue this work.

He was referred to atWork Australia’s Murrumba Downs site and worked closely with his Job Coach Kasey in getting a resume together and ascertaining what work he could be capable of doing.

Garry regarded his weight concerns as a barrier as he believed that it had a negative effect on finding suitable work.

Job Coach Kasey determined that the first step to getting Garry closer to employment was building his confidence by providing him with empathy, positive motivation and tactful encouragement with the weight loss schemes that he already had in place.

With this step toward his confidence, clarity of thought prevailed, and they were able to deduce what he was wanting to do in the work force. Garry decided to apply for his Traffic Control licence, which would invariably open up more employment opportunities.

Job Coach Kasey remarked, “Garry’s motivation in finding employment was amazing and he never gave up on himself, and neither did I.”

Garry was referred to a position with a Traffic Control company who were looking for level one controllers and saw Garry’s potential. They had him in for an interview that turned out to be successful. Job Coach Kasey said, “Garry was overjoyed that they were keen to give him a shot and put him to work the next day.”

Garry told Kasey that he is so happy and so thankful to atWork Australia and to Kasey for the continued support and never giving up hope that he would be able to pursue the renewed career of his choosing.

Garry said, “I cannot thank Kasey and the Murrumba Downs team for all their support and efforts in helping me and guiding me in the right direction for work.”

Kasey responded, “I am extremely happy and excited to have had the privilege to work with Garry on his confidence and motivation in obtaining work, and helping him get into Traffic Controlling.”

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