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Ola is the owner of a local barber shop business in Townsville. Due to the high demand, her company has expanded with four shops in three locations across Townsville.

Ola and her stores are synonymous for their great service, affordability and efficiency and this has led to her business’ rapid growth.

Ola met with atWork Australia Employer Engagement Consultant (EEC) Monica. As an EEC, a part of Monica’s job is to research and communicate with employers in the region to ascertain what job vacancies might be available in the area.

This was the reason Monica made contact with Ola, however, Ola was not seeking any apprentices at the time. But through negotiations, Ola and Monica organised an interview for atWork Australia client Brendon.

Ola saw a determination in client Brendan and envisaged that he could be a great worker. Ola decided to give him the opportunity and hire him as an apprentice.

Ola has only expressed great feedback with Brendan’s work. She remarked that, “He is very pleasant, great with customers and a quick learner.”

Brendon is the first client that Ola has taken on from atWork Australia, and she advised that she’d happily continue to work with atWork Australia if she was ever seeking more staff in the future.

EEC Monica said, “Ola is very supportive with people living with disabilities and focuses on their abilities.”

Ola continues to strive to keep her business going nowhere else but up and will continue to ensure she has a diverse workplace.

Ola said, “As an employer I find working with Monica great. It has been great to see and help Brendan find a job that he not only enjoys but has the opportunity to create a career out of.”

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