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Warragul local Rhiannon, 28, lives with the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, which is often described as a “high-functioning” type of Autism. People living with this neurodiverse condition find it often hard to communicate and interact with other people (e.g. expressing themselves and understanding others). Rhiannon also lives with anxiety. It was for this reason, that Rhiannon enlisted help from atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Services.

A meeting was scheduled with her dedicated Job Coach who devised a job plan around Rhiannon’s skills, challenges and goals.

Rhiannon participated in Job Shadow Days to gain practical work experience and build her self-confidence. Job shadowing is a fantastic career and development opportunity where a client participates voluntarily in a short period of between one to five days to closely observe and interact with an experienced member of staff as they undertake their daily work activities. Her Job Coach practised various mock-up interviews with Rhiannon to build her resilience and self-confidence.

The Job Coach contacted local employers and discovered a job vacancy at The Blue Dolphin Fish and Chippery. She then discussed interview strategies and negotiated a support plan for both Rhiannon and her potential employer.

Rhiannon was absolutely thrilled when she received the job offer and said, “I felt I had been given a chance to prove my self-worth”.

The Blue Dolphin Fish and Chippery is a family business operated by the two owners, Toula and Nick, their parents and siblings, and Rhiannon fits in very well.

Working with a supportive family business, meant that she was able to sustain employment through the COVID-19 pandemic and Toula from the Blue Dolphin Fish and Chippery expressed, “Rhiannon is just lovely to have around. She is always very positive and reliable”.

Rhiannon’s Job Coach says, “Rhiannon was a dream to work with. She is always so pro-active, positive and willing to put herself out there and she has a go at anything. She also adds, “Despite her challenges, Rhiannon is a highly motivated young lady, always striving to manage her challenges and overcome the obstacles on her path.”

Rhiannon shared that she has felt totally supported by the Warragul atWork Australia team throughout her journey and is grateful for the ongoing support she has received since beginning her employment.

Rhiannon has started Yoga practice and is blossoming on all levels. Alongside her work, Rhiannon is currently studying online for her Certificate IV in Disability.

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