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Getting your first job after high school can be difficult, when you lack confidence and have no previous experience, it can feel like it’s impossible.

For 19-year-old Andrew, finding work in the outskirts of metropolitan Sydney was difficult for him as he is quite shy and introverted.

Having no prior experience and fearing the interview process, David was referred to the Campbelltown office of atWork Australia where he found a team ready to support his journey into employment.

Job Coach, Jess met with him and together they worked closely on what Andrew could expect when applying and interviewing for jobs.

They practiced mock interviews and designed Andrew a starting rèsumè, wrote cover letters and generally worked on his confidence.

As Andrew grew in confidence, Jess engaged experienced Employer Engagement Consultant (EEC), Roger, to help find him suitable and sustainable work.

atWork Australia’s EECs have extensive employer contacts and are exceptionally skilled at finding the right employer for the right person.

Roger made contact with a local McDonalds Restaurant who have a great partnership with atWork Australia. He knew they were looking for staff and he could support Andrew through the entire application and interview process.

And Jess made sure Andrew was comfortable with the process by attending the interview with him for support.

Jess and Roger were very happy to find an employer who could offer Andrew on the job training as well as further upskilling to help cement his future in the workplace.

Andrew was of course, very nervous to start his new job but at the same time incredibly excited to receive his first pay, having never worked before.

His manager has commented how they love his positive attitude, and they see he is keen to learn and do well in all that he does.

Jess says, “It is wonderful to see Andrew so enthusiastic to go to work! A first job is always scary but with the right support and training, long-term employment is possible.”

Andrew is amazed at the support he received from atWork Australia and loves his first job.

“The job is really nice. The managers are really helpful and training me a lot. The customers have been so polite. I see myself working here for a long time,” Andrew says, happily.

To find the right job for you, get in touch with atWork Australia via  1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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