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Workforce Australia client and Wanneroo local, Glen (63) was having some trouble finding employment solo. As a result, he entered the atWork Australia office in Wanneroo, WA for assistance from the friendly team.

After being in-and-out of employment for some time, Glen was seeking sustainable full-time employment. In his endeavors to find work, he found that potential employers would see his age and not his capabilities. This affected his mental health and confidence.

When he met with his Job Coach, Shelby, for the first time, she could see just how deflated he felt. Within this first appointment, Shelby got to know Glen; his goals, employment past and what his ideal position would be. This would be the basis of his job plan.

After working in several positions that required him to be on his feet all day in the weather, he determined that his ideal future position would not involve this. He also highlighted that he was not tech savvy so the less ‘technical’ the position, the better.

As a key first step, Shelby referred Glen to our in-house Wellness Services to gain support for his mental health.

With several years’ experience working with heavy machinery, but no formal qualification to prove it, Shelby and Glen decided it was best to obtain a Water Cart ticket. atWork Australia was able to purchase this on Glen’s behalf.

Due to not being tech savvy, Shelby assisted him within all stages of his employment journey. This included within his reporting as well as throughout his course.

After gaining his formal qualification and with his confidence at an all time high, Glen was successful in gaining a position as a Quarry Driver full-time.

Three months later and Glen is still in his position and loving it.

He is thankful for all the tailored support he received from Shelby and the Wanneroo atWork Australia team.

Shelby was grateful to be apart of Glen’s journey stating:

“I am so happy that I had the privilege to support Glen on his journey to employment. Such a great character with a whole lot to give!” –  Shelby, atWork Australia Job Coach

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