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Battery World Greensborough is a family owned franchise business employing three people. A position had been advertised for a Sales Assistant and atWork Australia reached out with a Client who possessed the skills required. atWork Australia took the time to research the job description and ensure the right candidate was put forward for the role, thus recommending Brandon for the position. Gazal Kamali from Battery World said, “identifying a client who possessed the necessary skills saved me a lot of time and effort. Brandon has been a wonderful addition to our team and is an absolute pleasure to work with!  He’s wonderful at taking on feedback, learning technical information and provides excellent customer service”.  Brandon has enjoyed positive feedback from the Battery World customers on our social media pages. Gazal said, “I am very happy to see Brandon’s skills grow at Battery World Greensborough”.

The Battery World team have found the experience working with atWork Australia very positive. Gazal said, “we are very happy with the service from atWork Australia.  They’re great to have in your corner; as a small business, it’s important to have assistance for recruitment to help find the right candidates. The team worked hard to understand the business, and our goals, and then found us the right person for the job.  We are looking forward to working with atWork Australia again in the future”.

After two years of unemployment, Brandon reached out to his local atWork Australia office where he met his Job Coach and an Employment Engagement Consultant. The team worked together to find suitable employment for Brandon, supporting him gain the skills and knowledge to successfully commence his employment with Battery World.

After so many years of placing people with disability into sustainable and meaningful employment, atWork Australia knows how to make the recruitment process a success for employers. It’s about showing people who may hesitate to look for work that they have strengths; and because of that, work’s for them.

We’d love to tell you more and answer any questions you may have. Please call us on 1300 080 856 or send an email to and let’s get started today.


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