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Lisa (55) is living with a mental health condition that is affecting her overall self-confidence and wellbeing.

Unemployed for four years, when Lisa met the team from atWork Australia Belgian Gardens two years ago, she was unsure on what kind of work she would be capable of doing that didn’t impact with her barriers.

Lisa was introduced to her Job Coach, Georgia, and quickly established a great relationship to work together in finding Lisa a job. During the initial appointment, they discussed Lisa’s previous employment and what type of skills she had obtained. Lisa had mentioned her prior experience included roles such as a Cleaner, Nurses Hand and Personal Assistant, however, she had found that these jobs were impacting on her mental health conditions, and she felt that she could not continue.

“It is such a relief to know I have someone like Georgia who was able to help and provide me with support when I needed it.” – Lisa, DES Client

Together both Lisa and Georgia worked on tidying up Lisa’s resume, interview techniques and assistance in building her overall confidence in approaching employers to be ready to get back into the workforce. Lisa was a fast learner and her determination to get back into employment really showed through. When an opportunity arose for a position to work in a sewing room, Lisa was eager to get started.

At first it appeared to be an amazing place to work, however, unfortunately for Lisa, the environment became unpleasant and started to impact on Lisa’s mental health condition and Lisa resigned.

Georgia explained, while our goal is to find employment for all our clients, the fit needs to be right for both the client and employer. Georgia again offered tremendous support to comfort Lisa and build up her confidence again to find a more suitable environment.

Georgia began to contact other employers in a practice known as reverse marketing. This is where an employer may not have an advertised position, however when they hear about the benefits of employing someone like Lisa and understanding her situation and skills, at times, an employer may provide an opportunity for employment.

“Offering support to Lisa and building her confidence, has allowed her to gain employment into a new job with a supportive employer and co-workers.” – Georgia, Job Coach

Georgia provided financial assistance to Lisa to purchase clothing in preparation for her interview. The team from Lamberts Fresh Produce were really impressed with Lisa and offered her not only the position of Customer Service Assistant, but they also assured her that they will provide support to make sure she feels supported to help manage her condition.

When Lisa found out that she had the job, she was overjoyed and thanked Georgia for not giving up on her and finding a more suitable place of employment. Since hiring Lisa, the team from Lamberts Fresh Produce in Aitkenvale, have hired two more clients.

“Working with Georgia from atWork Australia, has helped to completely change my life for the better and allowed me to continue to grow as a person.” – Lisa, DES Client

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Lisa expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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