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Drew has a new sense of purpose after his employer developed a tailor-made role that suits his abilities and interests.

After 15 years working with the parks and gardens team, Drew’s employer decided it was the right time for him to take on different responsibilities so that he could continue to make a significant contribution to the organisation.

His Job Coach, Stephanie, from our Leongatha office located at Work Solutions Gippsland, worked closely together with Drew, who at times has difficulty communicating with his team to better discern the kinds of tasks that would be meaningful for him each day.

With Stephanie’s assistance, it was decided that Drew’s skills would be best suited to maintaining the vehicle fleet and the grounds around the office. Drew, who loves engines, was the ideal candidate to wash and detail the organisation’s large fleet of cars, and mow and whipper snip the lawn areas.

Stephanie said the new role was the perfect fit for Drew, who has his own equipment to look after, and the organisation, whose vehicles “have never looked better”.

“Drew’s employer said he’s always had a keen eye for all things with an engine so it’s been a win-win,” she said.

There was plenty of support for Drew to adapt to his new role over time, with Stephanie regularly on site over the past 12 months to help him with and monitor his new tasks. For example, she identified that he needed a safer

way to clean the fleet, so a special cordless vacuum was purchased to allow Drew to move more safely through the cars.

Drew’s employer said he had adapted well to the change, took great pride in his work and continued to be a wonderful asset to the team. His colleagues had also benefited as they now had a better understanding of employing people with disability.

As for Drew and his family, they are very appreciative of the continued support shown to him.

“I really like my job and I like working at the Shire,” he said.

atWork Australia are with our clients every step of the way. Small changes can make a big difference when supporting people with disability in employment, just as Drew has experienced in his workplace. Let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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