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Sally has not only found herself promoted but has also been able to financially support her children whom she is the primary carer for.

50-year-old Lismore local Sally was living with debilitating migraines and depression when she approached atWork Australia looking to find work.

Sally was paired with dedicated Job Coach Anne, and Anne began working with Sally to see how she could best improve her current quality of life and find a role.

Sally had limited work experience and the pressures of being the sole carer for her children meant she needed to find work fast. Sally told Anne that she had completed a University degree in Environmental Science and was looking for a role in that field.

Anne and Sally worked together to find a suitable role, with a role found, Anne started prepping Sally for an interview. Not long after, Anne was offered the role and started work at a local, large Macadamia factory in a quality testing position in their laboratory.

Sally was employed for a few months in the Laboratory, however, her mental health took a toll and her migraines became too much to handle so Sally was forced to take days off.

As Sally’s role was just for the macadamia season, it came to an end when the season was over and again Sally was looking for work. Sally was anxious about losing work as she needed financial security.

After a change in management at the macadamia company, Sally expressed her desire to work there again and try a different role as she felt it may be better for her mental health and migraines.

Much to Sally’s delight, the new manager at the Macadamia factory offered Sally a new role as the WHS & HACCP officer.

Sally was overjoyed to accept the position, with job security, a higher income and more financial security. Anne was pleased to see that Sally’s skills were being recognised as well as her work ethic.

Sally’s employment journey had many hurdles, but she has stated she is glad Anne believed in her the whole time and was always there to encourage her. Sally said that it was great to be working and involved in the community and to have a regular income.

The Macadamia factory have stated they are “very happy with Sally” and said she is a “great asset to the company.”

“I am so proud of Sally for not giving up and persevering to change her life” says Anne.

Here at atWork Australia, we care about the job you want, and work with you to find the right job for you, just like we did for Sally. Call us now on 1300 080 856 or fill out the online enquiry form.

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