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By concentrating on her abilities Tammy found the ideal job that is not too taxing on her body and is accommodating enough to give her time to care for her family. Tammy, 51 has fibromyalgia, meaning she experiences muscle pain and tenderness all through her body, and extreme fatigue. She also has psoriasis, a skin disease that similarly has no cure.

Early this year atWork Australia’s Busselton office sourced cleaning work for her but in June the chronic pain prevented her from continuing in the role. Tammy later returned to atWork Australia’s Busselton office, meeting with job coach Kristie who, in her usual style, was determined to look at the positives.

“I look at a person’s abilities, not their disability, and Tammy had all sorts of skills from her years in customer service as well as a fantastic attitude to work,” Kristie says.

The two of them met several times so Kristie could get to know Tammy and discuss what sort of work would be suitable given her medical conditions.

Kristie decided that upskilling would work in Tammy’s favour, as well as strengthen future job applications. She helped Tammy to apply and pay for a WA white card which allows her to work safely in construction-type jobs. During other sessions, they practised interviewing techniques so Tammy could feel ultra-confident when applying for jobs and meeting prospective employers.

Just three months later an offer of employment as a depot hand came in, working at Return-it, a local recycling facility in nearby Busselton. The role has flexible hours, allowing Tammy time for family caring responsibilities and to look after herself.

Kristie says that by looking at Tammy’s experience, skillset and eagerness for work all contributed to a “great outcome”.

As for Tammy, she was “ecstatic”.

“I didn’t believe it at first, atWork Australia has been so helpful. I just want to thank Kristie so much – you’re awesome!” she says.

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