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Employment services provider, atWork Australia, have partnered with Melbourne United, a professional basketball team in the National Basketball League, to deliver opportunities for skills-building through sport. The partnership commenced at the tip-off to the 2022/23 season.

The partnership with Melbourne United and atWork Australia has been built around a shared belief in enriching the communities in which we work and play, through shared values of inclusion and connection.

As part of the partnership, nine local atWork Australia clients were invited to participate in a bespoke client development day, Shoot for Success; a program that was designed to shift mindsets, build confidence through sport and provide valuable work experience for atWork Australia clients who are part of the Disability Employment Services or Workforce Australia programs.

The three-hour session at John Cain Arena, Melbourne United’s home court, included a presentation by Head Coach, Dean Vickerman, who spoke to the group about different strategies they use to build resilience, both on-and-off the court.

Nick Truelson, CEO Melbourne United said, “building resilience is about being solutions focused and practicing different techniques of motivation to get you through challenges.”

He continues, “being a part of a community and building a support network is an important element in building confidence and a positive mindset. Sport, like consistent meaningful employment, offers the skills and connections to build and maintain motivation.”

atWork Australia client, Paul, said, “through sport you have your ups and your downs, you have to have patience to fight and get back in the game; it’s the same in life”.

atWork Australia Operations Manager for Victoria, Jason Scrivener said, “the partnership with Melbourne United is an opportunity to connect with an organisation that shares common values. It will build brand awareness around how employment services providers support people living with disability, injury, health condition or who are overcoming other challenges, to find sustainable work. The partnership will open up opportunities for our clients”.

“Sport can have a positive impact on a person’s life”, Jason continued. “It is our goal to present opportunities to our clients that will help build the skills and experience they need to be job-ready and enter into meaningful and sustainable employment. The partnership has provided our clients with opportunities to gain skills in customer service at home games. For our clients, this gives them the self-confidence to know that they have what it takes to find good work”.

atWork Australia are proud to be partnering with Melbourne United for the 22/23 season and look forward to seeing how basketball and this partnership will help improve the terms of participation in society for people living with disability, injury, health condition, or those who require additional support to find employment.

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