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Victorian-based Taj, 19, lives on the autism spectrum. Taj struggled with mainstream education due to his health condition and did not finish year 12.

After leaving school, Taj worked in a range of casual and voluntary positions to gain work experiences. This included volunteering at a local football club as a water runner, shelf stacking at a local service station and assisting a local builder with rubbish removal and gutter cleaning.

Taj’s long-term goal was to find sustainable part-time work, however by using his own tools he was only able to secure casual work. Living on the autism spectrum means that following instructions is challenging for him and that he requires constant supervision. This has caused difficulties in previous positions as not all employers being fully accommodating.

Taj’s employer at a local service station identified Taj’s challenges and need for on-the-job support and suggested atWork Australia to Taj with the aim of helping him with his transition from school to sustainable part-time work.

His parents, who were extremely supportive, accompanied Taj to his first appointment with Job Coach Terry at the atWork Australia office in Traralgon.

Terry assisted Taj with writing his resume and preparing him for interviews. He also cold-called local businesses to find a suitable position.

Taj was over the moon when he found out that a local business was hiring him for a part-time position. Taj works now for a local business assisting with garden maintenance and washing police cars.

Terry created a cheat sheet for Taj to outline what his role involves and specifying daily duties and expectations. Taj required a lot of on-the-job support and was partnered up with a Job Support Coach who works really close with Taj and the employer.

Taj has always been willing to, and passionate about working, and his parents supported him in regards to finding suitable employment. He was very appreciative when this great opportunity came up.

Terry says: “Taj has come a long way from where he was. I admire his keenness of finding work. Taj’s determination and excellent support network were an added bonus for finding sustainable work for Taj.“

atWork Australia helps thousands of people just like Taj every year to find their way into meaningful work and life, let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.”

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