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"Acacia's confidence has skyrocketed since starting work. Now she is outgoing and much more independent." - Reuben Job Coach QLD

Single mother, Acacia, needed a role outside of the standard nine-to-five. She was determined to find work but was unable to commit to standard start times while taking her young daughter to school.

Acacia has no local support system and lives with epilepsy and a mild learning disability. When she came to atWork Australia’s Oxenford office, she met with Job Coach Reuben, who took the time to understand her situation and thought about roles she could do.

Reuben worked together with Employer Engagement Consultant Tracey to find Acacia a role she could thrive in.

“We enrolled Acacia into a housekeeping course. Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast has a lot of hotels and public transport options with cleaning hours generally between check-in times of 9 am and 2 pm that works perfectly with Acacia’s other commitments,” said Job Coach, Reuben.

atWork Australia supported Acacia to attend her course financially, topping up her public transport pass and providing her with a uniform and nonslip footwear. She was also provided with a mobile phone so she could access her work shifts via an app.

“My daughter and I are really happy now. I have an income to now be able to send her to activities with her friends that she wasn’t previously able to do.”

Reuben says, “Acacia is very proud of her role. She calls us every other day to say how happy she is with her new role and even bought her daughter into the office to show her who helped her get her job.”

Acacia’s employer, Global Hospitality Solutions, is impressed by Acacia’s commitment to work and have promoted her into a higher position. She is now the last person to see a room before a client uses it.

“Acacia is one of our right-hand people. She is always ready to help and do additional hours. We have promoted her after one year. People usually take two to three years to move up, but she was ready within six months. She is doing a great job,” said her employer.

“Acacia’s confidence has skyrocketed since starting work. Now she is outgoing and much more independent. She is proud she can give her daughter more things, like birthday parties, to enjoy.” – Reuben, Job Coach, QLD

Every year, atWork Australia, a neurodiverse recruitment agency, helps thousands of clients like Acacia expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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